16 February 2009

Lack of updates

I must apologize for not posting anything lately, but i have been suffering of a complete loss of motivation for any kind of image creating.
Right now most of my motivation is directed elsewhere and i have no idea for how long but considering my previous breaks i am asured to get my motivation back sooner or later, hopefully for this site sooner.
Sorry for the lack of updates and i hope to see whoever frequents my site once more whenever i start posting again.
I am still amazed by the amount of visistors i have managed to recieve during such a short period of time and it was also a very good motivation to keep going.
Hopefully i will see you all soon with more and improved pictures, as i always strive to improve on my technique.

Best of luck to everyone!

03 February 2009

Raptor last ones

Last two ones out of this picture.

02 February 2009

Raptor 3

Another "angle" ;)
Was a bit faster to render, thankfully, a new one on the way now as well...

Raptor again

A new angle of the same one, this one took 12 hours to render and still has a slightly lower resolution then the last one, which took about 9 hours.
Sadly there is an issu with the elbow poking thru the armor but its to highly detailed to edit and make it look good so i'll just leave it there as is.
Working on another one now, same picture, new angle, slightly lower settings tho so hopefully it will take less time.

01 February 2009


A new one i did a day or so ago, might do a few more angles, problem is i can't help rendering in high resolutions, which makes the rendering times go up.
Anyways, enjoy!