30 August 2009

Cleopatras Pleasures

Didn't quite turn out as i expected but to lazy to keep working on it.
Might make one with a second pose, depends on how much work it turns out to be.

29 August 2009

Havoc Cave

After all my testing of new apps i decided to go back and relax for a bit with poser and vue.
Initially i was planning on making a really complex scene, but it ended up feeling rather simple anyways.
Nice working with vue again at least.

Werewolf Gang

Have done a few things in DAZ Studio 3 lately, the problem i am having tho is that i can't export anything properly to Carrara/Vue.
This one is rendered in DS3 and i have to say that their render engine is rather useless.
I really like DS3 for setting up scenes but unless they fix the exporting issues i will probably stick with poser.

23 August 2009


More Carrara'ing.

22 August 2009


Another one, still testing but this one turned out quite nicely.

Troll Test

Still having problems with getting good human skin, probably need some better specularity settings.
Getting more used to the application in general tho, done lots of testing of particles etc.
Anyways, here is another test image.

21 August 2009

Test Images

I am still in the process of testing out Carrara so these images should be considered tests.
I still have a long way to go to master Carrara, but so far i like it.
Still a bit messy working with materials and no good functions to save the material to easily apply it later on (that i have found).
Also having a lot of trouble with human skin, just can't get it looking right...
Anyways, here goes:

17 August 2009

Still alive

Well, sorry for the lack of updates but i have an average of 2-3h spare time after work/day so not much time for 3d.
I will try to work a bit more on weekends on updates but have other things to do as well.

Anyways, have a few new characters im testing right now and i have also begun experimenting a bit with Carrara, which i like so far, so hopefully i will stop experimenting and start posting something soon.