30 November 2010

The Ritual

29 November 2010


Just trying a few things in photoshop on this one.


This took way to long to render, but with quite nice results, carrara can do quite a bit with the right settings.

The Way Home

Been spending most of my time experimenting with shaders and render settings so haven't had time to create all that much.
Hopefully i will get some actual work done soon.

24 November 2010

Werewolf gang

A few werewolf render, didn't think i would have time for anything today but i did, and this is the result.
Postwork was kind of rushed due to limited time.

23 November 2010


Last ones for today, don't know when the next update will be.


New character again, this one feels right so you might see a lot of her in the future.


New character with new lighting/atmospheric settings, looks kinda nice, bu takes a while to render.

Werewolf domination

Same image just different angles.

22 November 2010

Drubs Passions

Getting alot of work done today.

Drub Returns!

Just finished fixing the materials for drub in Carrara, so expect a few pieces with him in.

Demonic Pleasures

Simple but quite nice one, enjoy!

My Hound

Have a few WIP's going, this one is the first to finish.
A bit dark and not quite what i had in mind but will have to do, so little time, so many ideas...

05 November 2010


Might make more of these, no time right now tho, enjoy for now :)

Death Knight

New character again.

03 November 2010

New Character

Trying a few things, new character simply called Godess.

Future knights

Still relearning so the results aren't what they should be yet, but i will get there.


With all the broken posts on this blog i am trying to decide what to do to fix it.
As i don't know anything (as apparent by this site) about web design, i can't really take the time needed and build the page myself.
I have been looking for good gallery plugins for blogger but haven't found any yet.
For now i have created a gallery with everything in on imagevenue, it's not permanent or even a very good solution but it will have to do for now.

I will try to upload all new images to this gallery so it should always be up to date. I also checked that all previous images are in this gallery so it should be complete.


02 November 2010


First pictures in quite a while, can't promise when the next batch appears but at least its something, right?
When/if i get time i will do some cleaning up on this page, fixing broken links, maybe change a few things etc.