28 February 2011

Updates, soon...

No updates today but i am working on something rather major, and at the same time i am experimenting with loads of different 3d apps.
Last few days i have tried several different production pipes between apps to get a result i like while not taking to long.
Right now it seems it will be Cinema 4D and Daz Studio that will be my nearest future.

25 February 2011

Violated Amazon

Actions caught up with our protagonist and now the orc reaps the benefits..

New banner!

Tried a few options, not sure if this is better or worse then the old one, so feedback please! :)

19 February 2011


Finally got around to put together a centaur again, so here it is.
A "future amazon" of sorts, for those futuristic monsters that just have to use our species as pleasure/incubation vessels.

Eden Amazon

Character based on Eden, might see some primitive action later on ;)

15 February 2011

Demon Background

A full HD bg for anyone who wants it :)
Looks very dark in the preview so full size view is recommended.
And yes it IS quite dark, its supposed to be :)

14 February 2011

Sara Closeup

Closeup of Sara

10 February 2011

Eden Closeup

Did'nt have time to post this last time, so here it is :)

Forgot to mention the size is rather big, 3000ish pixels so be warned :P

08 February 2011

Eden (new character)

Lots of characters and not much else, but i never feel quite satisfied with any of my chars.

Sara V2

A few changes to Sara.

07 February 2011


We all have different ways to relax, some like to sit down, others don't...

FOH Forum (link recommendation)

Just wanted to post a link to a really great page.
This is by no means porn, not even softcore, it's just a forum thread with images of beautiful naked women.
The first few pages might have broken links since the thread is over 1500 (!!) pages long with over 27,433,127 views and 22,759 replies (of with more the half are pictures).

03 February 2011

New Design! For real!

After a few hours of adding labels and re-uploading images i have now added the new design.
I don't really know how it looks on lower resolutions since i have only tested it on 1920x1080 and in windowed mode, so if it looks strange please report it so i can do something about it.
Obviously that goes for all bugs you might find, all feedback is very much appreciated! :)

My current issue is with the background, as it does not really show behind the posts, so i will be looking at doing something about it.

Also, please vote to the right so i know what you think about the design even if you don't comment.

02 February 2011

New design preview

Ok after a few hours of doodling with blogger templates and a quick bg render for the page this is what i have got so far.
Any suggestions or comments are more then welcome.
Personally i think it's a lot better then my current page, but i am slightly biased :P
Next stage is to somehow organize all my current images, which will take a while i imagine.
But remember, this is what i have after only a few hours, this is nothing final or set in stone, so please leave suggestions if you have any :)

New Design!

As all of you are painfully aware this blog is getting worse and worse in terms of layout and usability.
I have wanted to remake it for a long time but since i don't know much about webdesign i haven't dared try it.
My plan right now is to first make a few small improvements making it easier to navigate. This i will do using only the built in blogger tools.
After that my plan is to create a completely new page myself, but this will take some time due to the fact that i need to learn everything from scratch. Last time i did webdesign was in gymnasium and it was just one basic class so i have a lot to learn.
Hopefully i will be able to make the first adjustments within a week or two, but i can't promise anything since i have a great lack of time for this.
After that i will start learning webdesign and make a few testpages that will never see the light of the web. Hopefully i will learn enough to be able to create something decent for you all.

Now this is the plan for now, only time will tell how far i will actually get with this...

Sara and Whitemane

Some more of both new characters.


Have been without internet for over 7 days now but finally its back again!
I did have some time last week so here is the work i managed to create during my downtime.

Meet my new character Sara

And also meet Whitemane :)

Trying to be artistic or whatever...