30 July 2011


Instead of having a nice relaxing vacation i have been working pretty much every day (including weekends) all summer, hence the lack of updates.
Now i will soon have a short vacation and after that i hopefully will be back to business.
Noticed some of the banners had broken so redid them.
Been catching up on the poser/daz community most of the day today and have seen some exciting changes in the new Daz studio 4, for those of you interested there are lots of new feature coming in the new version.
Biggest thing is the new Genesis model that will be an all in one model. As of right now there are only a few morphs but i expect that to change the coming months.
Basically this will allow for much more unique and interesting models (read monsters) and a lot more freedom in creating characters.
I have already started experimenting slightly and will post any results here as soon as i get any worth posting.

Anyways, like i always say, hopefully i will be back in posting business soon :)