27 January 2009

The loosing side

This one was made several days ago but had a bunch of minor issues that needed fixing in photoshop, and due to several re-installations of windows i did not have photoshop installed. So, took the time today and installed in and fixed most of the issues with the picture. I originally planned to take serveral angles, but due to the many glitches that would have to be fixed in each image and also the rather long render time i won't make any more for now. Sorry for not posting much latly but have so much stuff going on right now so its hard to keep up. Hopefully i will be able to get a bit more active once things settle down a bit. Anyways, here is the pic, enjoy!(high res again, might be worth looking at in full view)

22 January 2009

Computer trouble

Had some issues with my computer latly, installed some new hardware and tried a few new operating systems, which has resulted in me being busy fixing stuff i keep breaking.
I actually have a picture half finished that just needs some material changes, some lights and then it can go off to rendering, however i am not sure when i will have time to finish it, hopefully sometime this weekend.
Anyways, just informing whoever comes by that im still alive ;)

18 January 2009

The Pose

A new picture using Xameva's Merciless Love Pose set.
Recieved the pose set granted i used it in an image and mentioned his name, and i truly do think it's a great set, especially the expressions.
Anyways, here is the pic, once again rather high res (2000x3000) with basically no post work at all.

12 January 2009


Wanted to make a pictures where i pushed slightly more towards realism in the render, so did a stupidly sized image (3000x2250) and tried to improve slightly on shaders, lighting etc.
Didn't turn out that realistic maybe but i still kind of like it, anyways, here it is, full size view recommended :)

11 January 2009


Ok, these are the new ones i made yesterday, just had to set up materials and render in vue (takes a while).
Might make a few more tonight if i feel up to it.
Anyways, enjoy!

10 January 2009

More to come

Decided it would be a good idea to divide my album in picasa for easier overview, i have therefor created several new albums but also kept the old one with all pictures in.
Also after making the Busted series i wanted to do something easier and faster that hopefully would turn out better.
So therefor i created the Exposed series, the first ones are already in the album, will post them here as well when all of them are done, still only on monster 2/4 but should be done some time during the day.
Gallery can be found here as always.

09 January 2009


Finally managed to get them all rendered and finished, they didn't turn out as i wanted them but then nothing really ever does.
Next time i won't use as advanced athmosphere settings, took forever to render them all, especially when using a poor laptop.
Anyways, weekend, hopefully i will have time to do some more pictures during the weekend, but you never know as time is scarce these days.
As always all pictures are posted in my picasa gallery, it might be a bit slow to load as ll pictures load at once, i might divide them in different sub albums to conserve peoples bandwith.

07 January 2009

Slight delay

Seems i couln't resist expanding on the idea i had from 1-2 planned pictures to around 4 from different angels.
I have done all of the pictures, what i need to do now is render them in vue, which sadly takes a while.
Most of them are already done and will be added to the picasa allbum right away, but i won't post them here until all of them are finished so that i can post them in one batch.
Anyways, hope you enjoy them, have more ideas with the same character but don't have much time right now, maybe later during the weekend...

05 January 2009

Stuff on the way

Got some stuff coming up soon, have the day off tomorrow so i will probobly be able to render some ideas by then.
The plan right now is a schoolgirl tease with a wherewolf, getting what she deserves :)
So, stay tuned for updates sometime tomorrow!