18 June 2010

Image Packs

As everyone must have noticed by now i am on a long vacation from this page and creating images.
Today is the first time i even check in in over 3 months!

When checking through the throng of emails i had received i noticed some being warnings about inappropriate content in the picasa galleries, which would explain the lost images in the earlier posts.

As my time right now is limited i zipped ALL of my images and uploaded here.
I also uploaded only the new ones (2010) if someone wants only those.
The 2010 images can be found here.
I'm not sure how good the upload site is but i hope it will work out ok, if it doesn't suggestions are welcome.

The 2010 file is about 15mb in size and the full file is about 67mb.

I must apologize for disappearing without any warning or any updates, but the explanation is both simple and common, a girl.
Hopefully i will make a comeback soon but i can't say when or if for sure.
Until then, i will try to check by from time to time and also to check my emails as often as possible.

Thats all for this time, thanks for reading!