26 April 2011

Work work

Haven't had much time lately, work takes lots of time and i find the time at my disposal lacking for undertaking any major projects.
Hopefully i will be able to upload something the coming week, but i make no promises.
If only work was not such a big part of life...

02 April 2011

The Castle (Series)

Finally done with all the rendering and postworking!
Took its time but hopefully the results are worth it.
I will need some time to decide if i like it or not, but its my first serious attempt with the Maxwell render plugin for Cinema 4D.

21 images with about 40mins rendering each with no bulk rendering functionality..

Hope you enjoy it! :)


While waiting for the last 3 renders to finish i thought i could upload an earlier material
This was mostly done to learn how the materials work in Maxwell.

01 April 2011

Back from Vacation

Just got back (yesterday) from a well needed vacation so haven't been able to check in lately.
Currently im in the progress of rendering my latest series of images that was completet quite a while back.
I did draft renders at small res back when i completed the project but wanted a better background and resolution so now i need to re-render all 15 pieces at about 45-60minutes per image so hopefully i can post the whole batch sometime tomorrow.