29 December 2009

A few drafts

Still working things out on the new computer, i have poser up and running but have yet to set up Vue for rendering (ran into some issues with exporting from poser 8).

Images below are only drafts and are rendered with default lighting, rendering and materials.
Once i have a rendering application up and running i might revise and repost them.

I thought it better to post these then to post nothing at all (not much updates recently).

15 November 2009

More bad excuses

I haven't really been around much as of late, as some might have noticed.
I guess there are several reasons but the one i will use as an excuse is that i will soon be getting a new computer and this kills my motivation for setting things up since the crash on the current one.
Hopefully when i get a new PC i will regain some motivation and get some work done.
I also have heard that some of the links to imagevue won't work anymore.
Most are also available in my image album here.
I will look into an alternate solution tho.

12 September 2009

HD crash

Last week i decided i needed a fileserver so that i could set up a backup for all my 3D content.
Managed to set it all up and was just about to configure the backup application when my 6 months old HD decided it was time to stop working, permanently.
1 TB of data, of which at least 500GB was 3d related, gone.
Sadly the issue is a mechanical failure so a restore is not possible. Im going to send the drive in for repair but i will probably just get a new drive instead.

Life goes on, most of the content can be replaced over time but it kind of broke my motivation and it will be lots of hours spent on getting back to square one...

30 August 2009

Cleopatras Pleasures

Didn't quite turn out as i expected but to lazy to keep working on it.
Might make one with a second pose, depends on how much work it turns out to be.

29 August 2009

Havoc Cave

After all my testing of new apps i decided to go back and relax for a bit with poser and vue.
Initially i was planning on making a really complex scene, but it ended up feeling rather simple anyways.
Nice working with vue again at least.

Werewolf Gang

Have done a few things in DAZ Studio 3 lately, the problem i am having tho is that i can't export anything properly to Carrara/Vue.
This one is rendered in DS3 and i have to say that their render engine is rather useless.
I really like DS3 for setting up scenes but unless they fix the exporting issues i will probably stick with poser.

23 August 2009


More Carrara'ing.

22 August 2009


Another one, still testing but this one turned out quite nicely.

Troll Test

Still having problems with getting good human skin, probably need some better specularity settings.
Getting more used to the application in general tho, done lots of testing of particles etc.
Anyways, here is another test image.

21 August 2009

Test Images

I am still in the process of testing out Carrara so these images should be considered tests.
I still have a long way to go to master Carrara, but so far i like it.
Still a bit messy working with materials and no good functions to save the material to easily apply it later on (that i have found).
Also having a lot of trouble with human skin, just can't get it looking right...
Anyways, here goes:

17 August 2009

Still alive

Well, sorry for the lack of updates but i have an average of 2-3h spare time after work/day so not much time for 3d.
I will try to work a bit more on weekends on updates but have other things to do as well.

Anyways, have a few new characters im testing right now and i have also begun experimenting a bit with Carrara, which i like so far, so hopefully i will stop experimenting and start posting something soon.

07 July 2009

A Queens Pleasures

Did theese about a week ago but didn't really have time to upload them until today.
The second one is VERY high res (2250x3000) but the same pictures as the first.

28 June 2009

The Linup

Didn't quite turn out as i wanted and there are a few things that need fixing, but good enough for uploading i'd say.

25 June 2009

Flower power!

Two new ones i did today.

24 June 2009

Altar + Havoc

Have serveral more of these altar pics, just need to setup materials/lighting and render them.


Just a quick one, trying out a cheerleader character.
Thinking i got it to white instead of to dark this time...

Wyvern Light

Since the other pictures ended up dark i tried a bit brighter, hopefully its better this way.

08 June 2009


First time i use the Wyvern model, the second picture turned out a bit dark but im to lazy to re-do it.

07 June 2009


Another one on the altar.

Dog Altar

Will be a whole serie of pictures with the same girl/position but different beasts/monsters, still rendering tho so will be a few hours.

06 June 2009

Monster Dungeon

Refined my new centaur a bit, quite like how he turned out so expect to see more of him.

05 June 2009

Centaur Camp

Ok, did a bit of experimenting with a new centaur model yesterday, still rather rusty at this.
Turned out ok for being the first images for several months.

03 June 2009

Still alive

Well, just wanted to let everyone know that i am still alive and that i have sorted lots of things in my life that was keeping me from this place.
While i make no promises i belive and hope that i will be back to creating and posting soon, so hang in there...

16 February 2009

Lack of updates

I must apologize for not posting anything lately, but i have been suffering of a complete loss of motivation for any kind of image creating.
Right now most of my motivation is directed elsewhere and i have no idea for how long but considering my previous breaks i am asured to get my motivation back sooner or later, hopefully for this site sooner.
Sorry for the lack of updates and i hope to see whoever frequents my site once more whenever i start posting again.
I am still amazed by the amount of visistors i have managed to recieve during such a short period of time and it was also a very good motivation to keep going.
Hopefully i will see you all soon with more and improved pictures, as i always strive to improve on my technique.

Best of luck to everyone!

03 February 2009

Raptor last ones

Last two ones out of this picture.

02 February 2009

Raptor 3

Another "angle" ;)
Was a bit faster to render, thankfully, a new one on the way now as well...

Raptor again

A new angle of the same one, this one took 12 hours to render and still has a slightly lower resolution then the last one, which took about 9 hours.
Sadly there is an issu with the elbow poking thru the armor but its to highly detailed to edit and make it look good so i'll just leave it there as is.
Working on another one now, same picture, new angle, slightly lower settings tho so hopefully it will take less time.

01 February 2009


A new one i did a day or so ago, might do a few more angles, problem is i can't help rendering in high resolutions, which makes the rendering times go up.
Anyways, enjoy!

27 January 2009

The loosing side

This one was made several days ago but had a bunch of minor issues that needed fixing in photoshop, and due to several re-installations of windows i did not have photoshop installed. So, took the time today and installed in and fixed most of the issues with the picture. I originally planned to take serveral angles, but due to the many glitches that would have to be fixed in each image and also the rather long render time i won't make any more for now. Sorry for not posting much latly but have so much stuff going on right now so its hard to keep up. Hopefully i will be able to get a bit more active once things settle down a bit. Anyways, here is the pic, enjoy!(high res again, might be worth looking at in full view)

22 January 2009

Computer trouble

Had some issues with my computer latly, installed some new hardware and tried a few new operating systems, which has resulted in me being busy fixing stuff i keep breaking.
I actually have a picture half finished that just needs some material changes, some lights and then it can go off to rendering, however i am not sure when i will have time to finish it, hopefully sometime this weekend.
Anyways, just informing whoever comes by that im still alive ;)

18 January 2009

The Pose

A new picture using Xameva's Merciless Love Pose set.
Recieved the pose set granted i used it in an image and mentioned his name, and i truly do think it's a great set, especially the expressions.
Anyways, here is the pic, once again rather high res (2000x3000) with basically no post work at all.

12 January 2009


Wanted to make a pictures where i pushed slightly more towards realism in the render, so did a stupidly sized image (3000x2250) and tried to improve slightly on shaders, lighting etc.
Didn't turn out that realistic maybe but i still kind of like it, anyways, here it is, full size view recommended :)

11 January 2009


Ok, these are the new ones i made yesterday, just had to set up materials and render in vue (takes a while).
Might make a few more tonight if i feel up to it.
Anyways, enjoy!