30 December 2008

New year and stuff

Managed to add some kind of image slideshow gallery thingy, also added all the pictures uploaded here to my picasa gallery, either click the slideshow or go to this link to se it. Never used picasa before but it was reallt easy to use and automatically sync the content of selected folders with the online album, seems like a very good tool.

Anyways, soon a new year, hope you all enjoy it and keep visiting my still developing site :)

As for updates on new pictures, i don't have any going right now but hopefully after new year i will have some time to make a couple of renders.
Don't forget that you can make requests etc, i wont promise i will fullfill them but i will consider all of them.

28 December 2008

The Savage (pictures)

Here is the illustration to the prvious story, even tho the story was made after the pictures.

Since im lazy it is only 2 "pictures" from several angles.

Anyways, i think most of them turned out pretty decent, so enjoy!

The Savage (Story)

The Savage

It was evening, a long and event less day had almost passed and Keia was getting ready to head home. An entire day had been wasted trying to find a new camping site in the mountain caves.
All she had found was rocks, dirt and more rocks, not a single tree in sight for an entire day. She was beginning to think that the elders might not have been so wise after all, the old cave had been perfectly fine if it hadn't been for the amount of bats sharing residence.

Only a few more turns now until she could see the temporary camp, she was hungry and tired and wanted nothing else then to collapse next to the fire and sleep until morning. As she was coming out of one of the ravines and approaching the main passage she saw a large silhouette only 20 paces away. Her mind instantly recognized the danger and her body froze while her heart increased its pace tenfolds.

Right in front of her was the biggest tooth beast she had ever seen, and the first live one at that.
She knew that if the giant animal got scent of her she would be dead meat within seconds, luckily for her the beast had not noticed her and was peacefully drinking from a puddle of water. Keia moved backwards back into the ravine in slow motion, taking several minutes for each step.
She was just 10 steps away from the entrance to the small ravine when she felt the rock under her foot giving away and rolling down the passage with a loud clash.

The animal turned around and within a fraction of a second he was between Keia and the ravine entrance. Keia knew she didn't stand a chance to outrun the the giant beast and the ravine was her best shot of safety. Her mind was moving quickly, trying to think of any possible scenario but the conclusion was the same each and every time, she did not make it to safety. While her mind was working the beast stood between her and the entrance, ready to pounce at any second. Keia thought it weird that the beast had not already killed her, it was still just standing there, eye's burning with interest, ready to pounce.

She started moving one leg at a time, once again in slow motion, while staring the beast straight into the eyes. There was something odd about the looks in the beasts eyes, she thought, it was not the look of a hungry animal. She knew she had seen that look before somewhere but she could not remember where. She had gone several steps backwards now and was just about to move in behind a large rock when the beast started to move closer, with slow and heavy, yet graceful steps.

Her mind was no longer connected with the actions of her body and the survival instinct took over, she turned and ran as fast as she could towards the village. After only a few meters she could hear the stones giving away as the large animal left the ground in a huge leap. Her shoulders was pushed down harshly when the 600kg cat landed on top of her. She fell to the ground and barely managed to avoid hitting her head in the sharp stones.

She tried to get up but the beast harshly put her head down with one paw while holding her hand down with the other. Keia had seen tooth beasts hunt and kill and she knew they did not wait so long to kill their pray, her mind was still filled with fear horrible images of her being eaten alive, but some part of her sanity was still in there and it could not come to terms with why she was still alive.

She tried to get up once again and once again she was pushed back down by the big cats paws.
Suddenly she was made aware that she had her behind pointing right at the giant cats hips and she felt something hot and wet touch her ass cheeks. At first she somehow thought it was the cats tongue but quickly realized the cat still had its head just above her own head. She tried turning her head around to see what it was and when her mind finally interpreted the swollen red penis the idea hit her like a falling rock. She now remembered where she had seen that look before, in the eyes of the dog males just before mating with the bitches back in the village.

The beast was not interested in letting her mind finish the thought and proceeded to ram the huge penis right at Keias pussy. As it was the size of a large mans fist it did not managed to penetrate the young and still unused vagina, however the beast was not giving up so easily. With all the force he could muster he rammed Keia from behind, over and over.

Keia felt her spine having trouble taking the beating, but what was worse was that the wet, hot penis slamming against her vagina and clitoris made her body excited. She could feel her pussy lips parting and the huge penis started to slip in more and more for each thrust. It was still to large to fit even tho she was now so excited that she could feel her juices running down her thighs and her lips slowly parting.

The fact that he could not enter made the beast frustrated and he moved in closer so that he was no longer ramming his penis at Keia, but rather pushing it repeatedly against her pussy lips. Keias mind was in a state of chaos, she was still scared to death, her body was getting more and more excited and kept opening itself up more and more. The small trace of reason still left was fearing the possibility of the huge penis entering her and was also considering what might happen when the beast had had his fun with her.

The thrusting kept getting wilder and the penis kept slipping in deeper, even tho only the tip had yet been able to penetrate the excited and now dripping pussy. Keia still had no control over her body now but the instinct was not of fear but of lust, she could feel herself pushing back against the throbbing penis and caught herself moaning.

The beast suddenly stopped the thrusting but kept the penis pressed up against Keias vagina, Keia as well as the beast noticed that it was a lot more efficient then thrusting and Keia let out a loud scream as the glans entered her vagina, stretching it further then it had ever been stretched before.
The huge penis had only penetrated a few centimeters of the until recently unravished vagina but was already busy pumping it full of semen.

Keia could not take neither the penis nor the huge amounts of semen but she did not have a choice since the penis kept pushing deeper and the semen kept pumping. Once the beast had conquered the first decimeter of Keias pussy it started thrusting again. Keias spine was almost folded at the first push before she had time to align it with to the powerful thrusts.

She felt how the semen was filling every last sacred inch of her vagina and was now starting to flood through her cervix into her uterus. Her body was still excited and mixed with the semen was her own juices but at the same time she was having problems holding the huge throbbing penis inside her without splitting in two.

The beast had now filled most of Keias vagina with his penis but was not satisfied since less then half the penis had entered. The beasts thrusts was getting harder and harder as he instinctively wanted to go as deep as possible to ensure a successful insemination. Keia could feel the fist sized glans pushing brutally against her cervix, she knew that it would go no further, but was still worried since the thrusts was so brutal and the beast seemed intent on going balls deep in her.

Suddenly the huge cat froze and Keia could feel his every heartbeat pounding her from within as the penis kept throbbing. At first she thought she was imagining it but then she was sure, the penis was expanding girth wise. As she was already at the brink of bursting she screamed out in agony, and then she felt how the pressure started increasing as the cat emptied another 2 liters of semen straight in to her uterus, as the glans of the penis was pushing direly against the cervix.

She felt how the pressure increased and she tried to claw her way away from the pumping penis filling her up. Just as she thought she would burst the beast brutally pulled his penis out of her. As the penis was fitted to tight it took the beast several jerks before it came out properly and the beast had to take a few steps back to pull out, dragging Keia with him, stuck on his penis.

When finally the penis managed to leave the now sore and severely stretched vagina it took with it several liters of semen, causing a large puddle to form between Keias legs. Keias body was to exhausted to even consider escaping, even tho her mind was beginning to wonder what would happen next.

She looked up at the head of the beast and meet the glimmering, lustful eyes staring back down at her. When she saw that look she knew the beast was not finished with her. Then she felt it, the now flaccid penis laying on her back, still pumping semen. She could feel it stiffening against her lower back and how the glans once again grew into the size of a large fist.

The beast once again started thrusting against her and the penis now left her lower back and instead started ramming into her butt cheeks. Exhausted as she was, Keia did not think about the fact that she was now laying with her ass straight up, exposing her anus to the assaults of the once more eager penis. She barely even noticed how it repeatedly rammed against her anus, nor did she care when the beast once again pressed up against her and the continuously flowing semen started pouring down her ass.

What she did notice was when the glans of the penis slid into the entrance of her anus and when the shaft of the penis quickly followed. The beast, still pumping semen, making the intrusion easier, started thrusting as hard as he could again and with the glans the shaft soon followed deep into Keia.
Since there was no wall stopping the penis from going deeper, the balls of the beast soon started slapping against the still gaping vagina. As the ball sack of the beast was able to hold up to 10 liters of semen the huge sack was big enough to cause Keia considerable pain when it repeatedly smashed against her clitoris. However, Keia had other thins on her mind, since the huge penis was now fully inside of her and parts of the ball sack was being pulled in as well as the beast happily thrusted and pumped Keias ass full of his genes.

Keias body was on the absolute limit and her anus was not built for 60 centimeter cat penises, she tried clawing away at the stones to get away from the brutal rape of her ass but it was no use.
After several minutes of pounding and pumping the great cat once again froze and Keia could feel the penis swelling up again as the 2 liters of semen flowed through it and in to her body.

Once the cat had emptied his ball sack of semen he once more tried to pull out, which was easier said then done since Keias anal muscle had gotten a good grip of the shaft of the penis. The beast started walking away from Keia but she could not get loose and was dragged along some 10 meters before the beast stopped. The beast seemed to have realized she was not going anywhere until he had once more turned flaccid.

After about 10 more minutes the penis had gotten small enough to be able to exit Keias body, and with it came several liters of semen. Once the beast was completely loose he quickly disappeared into the mountains, leaving Keia in a small lake of semen, completely exhausted.

New story coming up

Last night i started working on a picture and while rendering i started writing a story to it, it wasn't anything that i planned so it might be a bit spontaneous but hopefully it will do.

I don't have time to upload it right now, but hopefully i will be able to do so later during the day.

The pictures are not meant to be a story so they don't tell a story in themselfs but after some postwork i think they can turn out pretty good.

All for now, stay tuned for updates :)

27 December 2008

Technical issues

As always when i end up having some spare time to do some 3D stuff my poser decides to stop working.

Every time i open it and load a figure it crashes, so right now im trying to create a few new runtime directories and spread out my files a bit so i don't end up with one bogged down runtime directory.

For those of you not using poser this will be gibberish for you but basically i need to re-install and organise a few hundered 3d models/textures and this will proboly take the better part of a day.

Hopefully i will have the most vital models and textures installed again later today so i might have time to make something.

Right now i am also looking for a new apartment which makes things rather messy, my plan is to buy a desktop once i get a new place but for now i work on my slightly unstable and not very fast laptop.

25 December 2008

Hell is Hot

Managed to get the new ones up today, like i said earlier, they are not that great, but hopefully my next batch will get better, need to get my game on again.

24 December 2008


Ho Ho bitches.

I still have to upload the new pictures, they are not very good but whatever, hopefully next batch will be good.

Today i got the great idea of making a christmas themed picture, but i have had other things to do today (supirsed?) and it doesnt really feel like it makes sense to do it after today anyways.

Well, hopefully i will get around to uploading the new pics sometime tomorrow, had some issues the last time i tried to upload them (computer froze when i pressed submit).

Other then that, Merry fucking christmas motherfuckers!

(i mean that in the best possible way)

21 December 2008

Picture in progress!

Ok, i know i said earlierthat i won't do any new ones for a while, but as it happens i have one cooking in the owen right now.

Now don't go get your hopes up, i haven't made anything in Poser for almost 6 months and it will probobly show in the picture.

Anyways, just exporting it to Vue now for rendering/setting up enviroment/materials etc.

To be continued....


Not what i usually do but i think it turened out ok anyways.

Also this was the last (i think) batch of old pictures, after this i will only be uploading fresh things.

I am unsure when i will have time to create anything new since right now all kinds of shit is going on and my laptop isn't liking poser very well either.

Hopefully i will have my life settled in a month or 2 but you can never predict these things.

The summoning (serie)

Ok, lots of pictures in this post, but i figured it's easier to follow the order of pictures if they come in order in one post.

Anyways, this one is my favorite out of the series i have made.


The way home

More pictures \o/

Laura and the thing

More pictures!

Should be done uploading them today, hopefully...

20 December 2008

The Trial continued


Oh and i realised these will be posted backwards, since newer>older, but whatever...