30 November 2010

The Ritual

29 November 2010


Just trying a few things in photoshop on this one.


This took way to long to render, but with quite nice results, carrara can do quite a bit with the right settings.

The Way Home

Been spending most of my time experimenting with shaders and render settings so haven't had time to create all that much.
Hopefully i will get some actual work done soon.

24 November 2010

Werewolf gang

A few werewolf render, didn't think i would have time for anything today but i did, and this is the result.
Postwork was kind of rushed due to limited time.

23 November 2010


Last ones for today, don't know when the next update will be.


New character again, this one feels right so you might see a lot of her in the future.


New character with new lighting/atmospheric settings, looks kinda nice, bu takes a while to render.

Werewolf domination

Same image just different angles.

22 November 2010

Drubs Passions

Getting alot of work done today.

Drub Returns!

Just finished fixing the materials for drub in Carrara, so expect a few pieces with him in.

Demonic Pleasures

Simple but quite nice one, enjoy!

My Hound

Have a few WIP's going, this one is the first to finish.
A bit dark and not quite what i had in mind but will have to do, so little time, so many ideas...

05 November 2010


Might make more of these, no time right now tho, enjoy for now :)

Death Knight

New character again.

03 November 2010

New Character

Trying a few things, new character simply called Godess.

Future knights

Still relearning so the results aren't what they should be yet, but i will get there.


With all the broken posts on this blog i am trying to decide what to do to fix it.
As i don't know anything (as apparent by this site) about web design, i can't really take the time needed and build the page myself.
I have been looking for good gallery plugins for blogger but haven't found any yet.
For now i have created a gallery with everything in on imagevenue, it's not permanent or even a very good solution but it will have to do for now.

I will try to upload all new images to this gallery so it should always be up to date. I also checked that all previous images are in this gallery so it should be complete.


02 November 2010


First pictures in quite a while, can't promise when the next batch appears but at least its something, right?
When/if i get time i will do some cleaning up on this page, fixing broken links, maybe change a few things etc.

18 June 2010

Image Packs

As everyone must have noticed by now i am on a long vacation from this page and creating images.
Today is the first time i even check in in over 3 months!

When checking through the throng of emails i had received i noticed some being warnings about inappropriate content in the picasa galleries, which would explain the lost images in the earlier posts.

As my time right now is limited i zipped ALL of my images and uploaded here.
I also uploaded only the new ones (2010) if someone wants only those.
The 2010 images can be found here.
I'm not sure how good the upload site is but i hope it will work out ok, if it doesn't suggestions are welcome.

The 2010 file is about 15mb in size and the full file is about 67mb.

I must apologize for disappearing without any warning or any updates, but the explanation is both simple and common, a girl.
Hopefully i will make a comeback soon but i can't say when or if for sure.
Until then, i will try to check by from time to time and also to check my emails as often as possible.

Thats all for this time, thanks for reading!

07 January 2010

In the Balance

Finished this yesterday but because of stupid programming in Carrara it crashed when saving so had to redo part of it today >.< Well finished now anyways.

06 January 2010


You just got trolled!

05 January 2010


Worked on this a few days ago, finished it today.
Not quite what i had in mind when i started with it but it will suffice.


I am so not happy with this picture, nothing went as i wanted it.
So to hide my mistake i made it a 360 render instead so it can be seen from all angles (logic, i know).
Might make a normal high-res render of it as well, but like i said, i don't like the way it turned out.
Also, this is my first try to make a 360 render, so don't know much about conversion settings etc.
Since google decided my pictures are not for the world to see i can't upload the 360 gif image here.
If someone wants it feel free to email me.

03 January 2010

Meet the Actors

As i need to set up new characters i thought i could post them here as well.
All rendered in Carrara, full screen is recommended on all of them (as with most things i make).
None of the poses have any effort behind them, the only thing i focus on in these are the characters and the textures.

First the monsters (more to come):

Tight spot

Still trying to get a hang of Carrara, lots of things needs improvement.

This is recommended in full screen (originially rendered in 2500x1406).

02 January 2010

Final render Werewolf

Still having problems with vue import so i went with Carrara 7 instead, which i had to learn again after having forgotten everything useful.
Anyways here is the final render of one of the previous drafts.