10 March 2011

A bit of statistics

Just for fun i thought i would share some statistics, now these are from google stats which is not entirely accurate since it wasn't active when i first started this page, but they should be accurate since may 2010 (blog is actually from december 2008).
For me these numbers are really quite exciting as i do this only for fun when i get some time over from normal life.
So i guess a big thank you to all of you who visit and keeps visiting my page is well in order :)
Thank you! :)

Pageviews all time history 245,941

Pageviews by Countries(top 10):

United States 63,132
Germany 33,408
Russia 25,348
France 11,657
United Kingdom 10,304
Canada 9,331
Ukraine 3,475
Australia 3,256
Poland 3,224
Italy 3,034

Pageviews by Browsers
Firefox 130,398 (53%)
Internet Explorer 56,683 (23%)
Chrome 23,961 (9%)
Opera 21,222 (8%)
Safari 9,562 (3%)
SearchToolbar 535 (<1%)
Ubuntu 255 (<1%)
(Palemoon 178 (<1%)
chromeframe 178 (<1%)
PBSTB 158 (<1%)

Pageviews by Operating Systems
Windows 226,391 (92%)
Macintosh 11,606 (4%)
Other Unix 3,947 (1%)
Windows NT 6.1 1,380 (<1%)
PLAYSTATION 3 652 (<1%)
iPhone 562 (<1%)
iPod 264 (<1%)
Linux 246 (<1%)
iPad 217 (<1%)
PlayStation Portable 58 (<1%)

08 March 2011

New Banner again

Well, dunno about this one either but it will do for now...
Been working quite a lot today with a small series of pictures which i intent to write a short story to go with.
Right now i'm at picutre 10 out of what i plan to be about 15.
Not all of them have been rendered and the ones that have been are all quite low res (1000x800).
I might re-render them later at a higher res, but as it takes 25min/image at the current res i will have to see about that.

Rose Meets Alpha

And now that you met Rose, it's time for Rose to meet Alpha.
Rose meet Alpha, Alpha, Rose...

Meet Rose

New character, again...
Well this is my first ever uploaded maxwell render.
So far im basically just rendering the scene with default presets, but hopefully i will learn more about the lighting and materials of this rather excellent render engine.

Orc Tavern

While i think this turned out ok, i had so many problems with this scene importing/exporing between different softwares back and forth.
It's not what i had i mind when i started, but i can't let it take more of my time now.

04 March 2011

Meet Ziva

New character, first one born in Cinema 4D + Interposer
They are just quick renders and background is just the HDRI image, not meant to fill any function.

Working on stuff...

Just a quick render of unmorphed V4 in Cinema 4D with elite texures and some custom shaders.
Still trying to learn the aplication but so far im quite impressed!