11 November 2011


Same as previous one only rendered for longer, higher res, new camera angle and (imo) a lot better colors/postwork etc.


10 November 2011


Image a made a while ago, let it render today during work.
Another angle is coming but it was rendered over by this one

02 November 2011

More Backgrounds

Another one that didn't make it to the last post :P


Threw together a few backgrounds that rendered today while it work.
Nothing special but thought i'd post it here anyways :)

31 October 2011

The Expedition

The Expedition
They had been making their way through the jungle for days and still no trace of the legendary red fern. Their guide had warned them about the jungle being unforgiving but they had not listened.

Sarah smacked her neck, killing yet another mosquito.
-Why doesn't this damn insect cream work?
-It does, the insects love it. Jessica replied with a grin.

Rita looked over her shoulder and smiled at young Sarah as she kept flailing her arms at the bugs.
She remembered the first time she came to the jungle, she was about the same age as Sarah back then.
The jungle had terrified her, the snakes, the insects, the constant feeling of danger. She let out a sigh, the memories, everything was so different back then.

She stopped, looking around for a moment.
-This is good, we camp here.

The others stopped and put down their packs on the ground, both looking exhausted.
-How far is it now? Jessica asked.
-It should only be two more days until we reach the mountain. Rita replied.
-And our best shot of finding it is there?
-It is the least explored part of this whole area, and we have already searched the other possible locations.

Sarah and Jessica started setting up the tent while Rita gathered some wood for a camp fire.

The next day after having a small breakfast they went on their way. The jungle looked the same everywhere, no signs of any mountain. They were lucky to have a guide like Rita, she was one of the most experienced guides money could buy and knew this whole area like the back of her hand.

For Sarah this was her first time outside a lab, a rough start for someone so young and inexperienced. Jessica had been in the field before, but never in an environment as harsh and unforgiving as this one.

They made their way through the jungle, walking all day, until they reached a small opening in the jungle.
-Time to make camp, tomorrow we reach the mountain. Rita said over her shoulder while setting down her pack.

Jessica started unpacking her bag when something caught her eye. She walked to the edge of the clearing and sat down, looking intently at something.
-What is it, what did you find? Sarah asked with excitement in her voice.
-It's something i have never seen before, this might be a completely unknown species!
Sarah ran over and sat down beside her, studying their find.
Rita looked over at them, rolled her eyes and kept unpacking her gear.

Jessica and Sarah where so excited for the rest of the evening they could hardly sit down, they were discussing the name of their new found plant. Rita watched in amusement.

The next day they went up early to get to the mountain before nightfall. After walking for a few hours they came to a small stream running through the jungle. Rita paused to check her map.
-We are almost there now, less then an hours walk.
The two scientists looked at each other in excitement.

They crossed the stream, going on into the jungle. The vegetation was changing, the two scientists had lost count on the amount of new plants they had seen in just 20minutes of walking.
-We have to take a look at these on the way back. Jessica said out loud.

They pressed on, closing in on their destination. Suddenly Rita froze, listening for something.
-What is it? Sarah asked.
-Schhh! Listen!

They all stood together, listening, frozen as not to make any sounds. At first Sarah could hear nothing, but then she heard it, the sound of people talking.

Rita slowly moved forward, carefully setting down her feet as not to make any sounds. The others followed. They slowly made their way towards the sound, sneaking through the vegetation.

They reached a small clearing, hiding behind a few bushes they peeked out. In the clearing was a small group of men standing, talking in weird noises.
When looking closer they did not appear to be human, but they had all the human features.
Standing at least 2 meters tall, with thick skin and a slightly hunched posture they looked somewhat like an evolved form of neanderthals.

They watched for a few minutes as the men stood there talking and pointing at something in the jungle. They then snuck back trough the jungle until they could no longer hear the voices.

-Amazing! This must be a completely unknown species! They must have evolved parallel to humans, undisturbed in this place. This will be the discovery of the century!
Sarah was as excited as Jessica and nodded in agreement.
-They might be dangerous, we need to be careful. Said Rita with concern in her voice.

-Yes of course, we study them from a distance, they won't know we are here, and once we know their habits we try to communicate with them. Jessica was full of excitement and spoke quickly as if she had no time to explain.

-Lets go back and study them! Both Jessica and Sarah started walking back towards where they came. Rita sighted heavily and followed them.

They came back to the clearing where they had seen them, but they were no longer there. They sat in silence for a while, looking and waiting for them to get back.

-They are gone.. Sarah whispered.

They waited a few more minutes before they stood up and walked out into the clearing. Jessica examined the tracks left behind by the big men.
-I wonder where they went.
Rita sat down beside her and took a quick look at the tracks.
-That way. She said and pointed.

Sarah walked towards where she had pointed, peering through the leaves and bushes.
Suddenly strong hands grabbed her by the ankles, making her fall to the ground screaming.

Rita and Jessica turned around and saw Sarah being pulled into the jungle. They ran towards where Sarah was grabbed. Jessica ran into the bushes and disappeared out of sight.
Rita stayed behind, hesitating if she should follow, she knew they would be easy pray in the thick jungle.

A scream was heard as Jessica was caught. Rita turned around and ran back the way they came. She ran through the jungle, not looking back. As she jumped over a large rock on the ground felt something hitting her leg.

She lost her balance and fell to the ground. Looking up she could see one of the humanoids rising up from his hiding and walking towards her.

She got up to run but her arm was caught. She turned around and threw a punch against him. The punch hit his chest, hurting her hand more than him. Before she could throw another punch he had grabbed her other arm as well. She tried kicking him but he turned her around and lifted her under his arm.

The man turned around and started walking back towards the others holding a kicking and screaming Rita under his arm. Nothing Rita could do seemed to loosen his grasp.

After a few minutes they where back at the clearing. On the ground sat Sarah, terrified, holding her legs in her arms. Jessica was nowhere to be seen. Two other men stood there, discussing something in their rough language, making wild gestures.

Rita was thrown on the ground next to Sarah. She sat up and held Sarah in her arms to comfort both Sarah and herself. They heard a scream from the direction Jessica was last seen. They both looked towards the jungle but saw nothing.

Another scream was heard, and another, and another. They hugged each other tighter as the screams continued.

For several minutes the screams continued, until finally fading away. One of the men walked in front of the two women, looking down on them as if deciding something. They looked at him in fear as he stood in front of them.

Rita had noticed earlier the men was without clothes and now when she saw one up close she could see his naked penis hanging just a meter away. It was quite small for such a large man, she tought.

The man grabbed Sarah by her arm and pulled her on her feet. Sarah screamed and tried to grab Rita in panic, as she was dragged away. Rita got up to help her but was forced to sit by another man behind her.

She watched as Sarah's shirt was torn, exposing her young naked flesh. One more man had joined in and was tearing at Sarah's trousers, trying to get them opened. He tried removing the belt but it was to strong, so instead he tore a hole in the trousers, exposing Sarah's underwear.

The big man pulled them to the side, exploring Sarah's lips while the other man held her arms. Sarah was fighting them with her whole body, trying to get lose, but the hold on her arms was to strong. She kicked at the man between her legs and hit him in the face.

The man was angered by this and grabbed her legs, one in each arm, lifting her feet off the ground. He stepped in closer to Sarah and pushed up his now fully erect penis against her.

Rita noticed how the penis she had thought small earlier had grown to over three times the size, making it bigger than any she had seen before.

The man forced himself inside Sarah with brutal angry thrusts, raping her violently as she screamed with pain. He renewed his grip on her legs and stepped in closer, making his thrusts reach deeper. Sarah's young body could barely take his length and was twisting in pain as he penetrated her, over and over.

Rita could see his body starting to tremble, as he begun coming inside of her. He let out a primal scream, and Rita could see the seed dripping from between Sarah's legs.

He let go of her legs and walked away, while the other man threw down Sarah's arms on the ground while he walked around her. Sarah just lay there on the ground, crying silently. The man lifted her hips and turned her around so her ass was in the air.

She did not resist him, she had given up entirely. He positioned himself behind her, holding his penis in his hand. Rita noticed that this man had a longer penis, over 40cm, but not quite as thick as the other.

The man put his penis against Sarah's ass, guiding it with his hand. He pushed against her violently, she screamed with pain. He pushed again and this time the head entered her ass, spreading around his penis.

Rita almost felt Sarah's pain as she screamed with all her soul. He removed his hand and grabbed Sarah by the hips and started thrusting. Forcefully he entered her full length, making his ball sack slap against her ravished vagina.

He thrust inside her again, and again, long hard strokes. She screamed for each time, only pausing to breath. Rita watched as he sat behind her, fucking her ass with 40 centimeters of hard cock. Her mind was disgusted, but at the same time there was something alluring about it, she could not stop watching as the cock slid in and out of poor Sarah.

The savageness of it all, the raw lust expressed by the big man. It turned her on and she felt her heart pumping faster. She caught herself breathing heavy and almost moaning at the sight of Sarah being raped.

Two more men walked out of the jungle. Between them they dragged Jessica, clothes torn, her body limp and unconscious. One of them sat down and the other walked up to Rita joining the one already standing behind her.

She could feel their lust as she watched their penises grow and point into the air. They grabbed her by the arm, pulling her up. She did not resist, she just looked at them. One of them walked up behind her while the other held her arms. He pulled her pants and panties down in one violent movement. He grabbed her by her hips and the other man pulled her arms down.

She stood as if bend over, one man behind, one in front of her. Her face was less then 50cm from the mans penis, now pointing right at her. She felt the one behind her pushing up against her. The penis was thrust against her and slid of her, landing on her back. She could feel it's warmth, its pulse.

The man behind her pulled back his hips and pushed up against her again. The head was pushed against her lips. She could feel how wet she was. The penis was thrust against her again, this time sliding down her lips and stopping between her legs.

The length almost reached to her ribs. The shaft pressing against her tummy. The man pulled back again and re-angled his hips sligthly. This time he hit her from an angle and instead of sliding of her, the penis pushed her lips apart and stopped at her entrance for just a second, before it parted her vagina and entered her.

The large hard shaft pushed deep inside of herp. She let out a loud moan. The penis was pulled back, only to be thrust insider of her again. It's thickness filled her, expanding her as it was moved in and out through her tunnel.

The mans thrusting was brutal, but she did not mind, her body met each thrust, moving around the thick shaft as it worked her.

The man in front of her stepped closer to her, putting his penis in her face. The smell was savage and raw and she wanted to taste it. She opened her mouth around it and the man thrust against her, shoving it inside of her and down her throat.

She gasped for air before she started breathing through her nose. The man started moving his hips back and forth, fucking her mouth. The man behind her stopped deep inside of her, pushing against her, tightening his grip around her waist. She felt the shaft inflating as the semen shot out inside of her.

The feeling was so strong she started moaning as he emptied himself inside of her. The man in front of her pulled back his penis and let go of her hands. The one behind pulled out of her, leaving her hole partially open, flowing with hot semen.

The one in front of her grabbed her waist and turned her around. He pushed her to the ground and sat down behind her. He held his penis in one hand and her waist in the other. The warm wet head pushed up against her ass, her cheeks parting around it.

Her mind was fuzzy with pleasure and she moaned just at the thought of the big cock. She moved her hips back and forth, rubbing the head against her. The man behind her steered the cock against her anus and with a violent thrust he entered her.

Her mind awoke with a shock as the pain tore through her. She felt as if her body would split in two as the cock was brutally forced down her ass. The pleasure was replaced with pain and she screamed as he tore into her.

Her pain made the man even more eager and he thrust harder. She felt her hips being pushed down against the ground. The man moaned and grunted for each thrust, using all his strength to push as deep as he could.

She was laying flat on the ground now, still being hammered brutally by the grunting man, she screamed and moaned for each thrust. After several minutes of hammering the man let out a loud scream as he begun emptying his sack in Rita's ass.

She felt it coming through the shaft just before it shot out inside of her. The hot semen flowing inside of her. She closed her eyes, breathing through her teeth as the long hard shaft lay inside of her, pushing against her walls as it let out it's load.

The man pulled out roughly, making her hips lift of the ground before she fell back down. She could feel the semen pouring out of her, running down her thighs and down on the ground.

30 October 2011

The Scout

The Scout

It was a routine mission, she was to scout ahead of the party and make sure the road was clear.
She had encountered nothing unusual so far, a few bears and a puma, all which where easily scared away.

They had already passed the critical part and was about to leave the forest behind them, ahead lay the vast wastelands and after that the river leading to their home.
She ran through the last outskirts of the forest, reaching a steep ravine, below was the road they would take. Altough steep it would be an easy task to climb down along the vines growing along the wall.

Her agile and toned body quickly swung over the ledge and made it's way down the vines. She wore a full suit of armor but as was the custom amongst her people it covered only the torso, legs and arms as not to impede movement. It effectively left the rest of her completely naked but it was a low price to pay for superior agility in battle.

She had almost reached the bottom when she heard voices in the distance. Instinctively she stopped and listened with all of her senses, not moving a muscle. The voices was coming closer and she could hear them more clearly now, deep rusty voices speaking in a foreign language.
She waited for them to get closer and as they passed around a corner she could see a pair of orc’s walking side by side, talking and laughing, and a mountain troll just behind them.

Her mind worked quickly, looking for a good spot to hide. She had fought orc’s before but the troll made it much more difficult, they where tough enemies and hard to take down without support.
Her body swung around and she begun climbing down towards a small boulder where she could hide.

She reached it just in time not to be seen by the orc’s, who was now passing just next to her hideout. Her heart was pounding as she sat there, just meters away from the orc’s. She could feel their smell, it hit her like punch in the face and she gasped for air. Regaining her breath she could not help letting out a cough, desperately trying to stop herself with both hands on her mouth.
One of the orc’s shouted and the other went silent, she could hear their feet turning around, slowly walking against her.

She considered her options, she might be able to run, but they would surely follow her. Or she could stay and fight but risk being slain or worse, captured. She could try to reach her party but that would bring the fight to them and they had wounded that were unable to fight and might get killed.

She had to move quickly, she could hear the orc's moving closer, only a few meters away.
It was decided, she would lead them away from her party to fight them where she chose, if she fell at least her party would survive. She turned around to reach for the vines when she realised one of the orc's had snuck around behind her, now standing between her and the wall.

She jumped over the stone she had been hiding behind, unsheathing her swords midair. The other orc was standing less then a meter in front of her, she swung her swords at him while leaping to her right. The orc parried her blows without effort and made a thrust against her.
She dodged and tried to back away from the charging orc. She noticed they had unusual markings on their chests and the weapons they wore were not as rusty as was common for orc’s.
They had to be some kind of elite amongst the orc’s, awarded the finest weapons available.

The fighting was intense as she thrust her blades against the orc time and time again. She was fast but the orc did not seem to have a problem keeping up. The second orc had not reached her now and she had to focus only on defence to parry their brutal but precise blows.
She was hard pressed by the two orc's and only to late did she notice the big troll cutting her off from her escape.

The two orc's made a push against her and she had to dive out of their way, only to be hit in the back by the trolls huge fist. She was thrown to the ground, loosing both of her swords and her breath at the same time.
She tried to get up to run but the orc's were already upon her and she felt a foot pushing down on her back.

The fight was over, she was caught and could not get away.

There had been stories of women being caught by the orc's and she knew they did not treat prisoners gently. As she lay on the ground she could hear the orc's talking in their grim language, and could hear the excitement in their voices.

After a few minutes of talking one of the orc's got down on the ground behind her and she felt a rough hand running up her thighs, feeling her smooth skin. She tried to pull her legs together but the orc's knees held them firmly apart as he sat between them.

The orc's seemed more excited now, talking back and forth in their vile tongue.The rough hands run up her thighs to her naked butt, squeezing it and playing with the buttocks. She flexed her whole body trying to get up and when that failed tried to kick the orc behind her, but the foot pressing down on her back held her firmly in place.
She kept struggling and judging from the orc’s voices they found it entertaining.

A finger was run up and down her lips while the other hand kept squeezing her butt. She made an effort to shake him off but was unable to move, the orc laughed and smacked her ass with his free hand. The finger kept running up and down her lips, only stopping to rub her button now and again.

She would have thought they would brutally rape her, showing her no mercy. But she now understood the orc's wanted to make her want it, to increase her shame even more. She would not let them! SHE was in control of her body and she would not let them make her enjoy it! Her mind steeled itself and she was determined not to loosen up. But her body did not hear her, as her blood ran warmer at the orc's touch.

She looked up at the orc standing above her, holding her down, and she could see a cock bigger than any she had ever seen before. Amongst her people they showed no shame in their bodies and everyone walked around without covering their genitals. She had seen a great many cocks, but non as big or thick as the one hanging above her.

She was disgusted by the sight but something in her mind awoke seeing it, something she could not control, something that made her blood run warm and her hole wet. She focused all her strength at fighting the sensation, but she could not control this most basic instinct.

The orc behind her made a noise and she understood he noticed her excitement. Two fingers spread her lips apart and a third was running up and down, lubing her up with her own juice. She felt the excitement rise and she was dripping wet now.

A finger was put to her hole and pushed inside, as it penetrated her she moaned and screamed at the same time. Her mind hated it, her body wanted it.
The finger was pushed deeper, and then pulled out, and pushed in again, and again. She could feel her body trying to move to meet the finger penetrating her. Two fingers entered her, going just deep enough to be able to touch her g-spot, rubbing it. The rough skin rubbing her was to much, she was screaming out her pleasure now and was clawing at the dirt in her hands.

Just as she was about to climax both fingers where pulled out and she felt the orc positioning himself closer behind her. Warm hard skin was put against her lips, rubbing up and down their length for a few seconds before it was put at her entrance.

The head was pushed up against her and even if she was fully aroused and wet it could not fit her entrance. She could feel the orc repositioning again, even closer this time, almost on top of her. The head was pushed up against her again and this time the angle was just right. The head was pushed brutally against her and she felt her entrance expanding to meet the swollen cock.

The orc was determined and pushed harder and harder until finally with a splash it entered her. Even if she had seen the other orc’s big penis she had not imagined it feeling so big inside of her. She screamed with both pleasure and pain as it made it's way inside of her, almost instantly hitting her cervix and filling her up completely.

It was barely halfway in and the orc wanted to fit all of it. He began thrusting violently, pushing at her cervix for each thrust. She felt herself expanding more and more to make room for the big cock. The orc did not pause but rather increased the force and speed of his thrusts. She screamed for each thrust and moaned as he pulled it back out.

The other orc let go off her back and walked up in front of her. He got down on his kneed and grabbed her head in both hands. Her face was put right in front of his now fully erect penis.
He adjusted his hips to lower the penis to her mouth, she tried to keep her mouth shut but could not as her body forced her to scream for each thrust.

The orc pulled her head towards him and as she screamed her mouth was filled with the tip. The smell made her lust for it in her, while at the same time making her think of dirty unwashed orc.She felt the veins through the skin, pulsating against the inside of her mouth and her tongue.

The orc started thrusting against her head and her mouth was forced open to its limit. It filled her mouth completely and was showed down her throat. She had no choice but to breath through her nose while her mouth was violently penetrated.

After a few minutes of being pounded from two directions she felt a warm gush as both orc's begun emptying their sacks inside of her. It took them almost a minute before they stopped, then they both pulled out. Her body was in shock and ecstasy at the same time and she had to use all her strength to get up on all four. Her mind was focusing on the road in front of her, thinking of fleeing but her body was slow and did not obey her.

She started crawling, trying to get away, when she was lifted by two strong arms around her chest.
Without effort he lifted her into the air, holding her like a small doll. Her mind focused and she started regaining control over her limbs again. She started kicking and clawing at the arms holding her, but they where too strong.

Two hands grabbed her legs, holding them apart as she was lowered down. She felt her butt against a wet and hard cock. At first she sat on it, but then her buttocks where parted by the wet head and the dick hit her anus with a clash.

At first she thought the orc's missed and where about the fuck her hole again. The orc lifted her slightly again, only to once more put her anus down on his cock. He did so over and over again and after a few seconds of this the thought hit her and with it came panic.

The orc put her down on himself again and this time he seemed content as instead of lifting her up he pulled her down, hard. She tried to flex herself as to prevent it but the orc pulled harder and harder and she could not bear the pain. She was just about to break her back when she relaxed her muscle and instead of folding her double, the dick entered her.

She screamed at the top of her lungs as her tunnel was violated for the first time. The cock entered her with all its length and she felt it poking her guts, pushing it aside as it made its way inside of her.

The orc lifted her up and pulled her down again, using her as a tool on his cock. The other orc walked up in front of her, holding his cock in his hand and with a evil grin on his face. The orc holding her stopped with his cock buried as deep inside her as it could get. The second orc put his tip at her lips, parting them. She was lifted slightly and the orc stepped in closer to her, holding his cock straight up, still at her lips and entrance.

The orc behind her pulled her down, slowly but relentlessly as the cock in front of her was forced inside of her while the one in her butt was pushed back in, deeper. The orc kept lowering her down, lower and lower on the cocks.

She felt her body being stretched beyond what should be possible, the two cocks pushing all of her organs out of the way to go deeper. The orc stopped lowering her and instead loosened his hold on her, making her body weight pull her down on the two cocks. She was sitting on them, one filling her butt with it's whole length, the other one brutally letting her hang on her cervix. The pressure was unbearable and her body was shaking in pain.

The orc behind her tightened his grip and started moving her up and down again, faster and faster. Her body was lifted up and down, running the full length of the two massive cocks. Her body was overwhelmed by the ravishing and her mind shut down to let out the animal in her.

The cocks stretched her beyond her limit, almost tearing her in two while violently penetrating her, but she liked it, her mind replaced the pain with pleasure and she started coming, over and over. For each time she was pulled down she came, she wanted to scream but could only make partial moans for each time.

The orc’s kept at it for several minutes before they released their tight grip. She felt the cocks inflating just before the seed shot out deep inside of her. The force almost lifted her up as she sat on their flowing cocks. She was panting and moaning at the same time as they kept seeding her for well over a minute.

Once they had put every last bit of seed they had in their large sacks inside of her, they lifted her up. They pulled out their cocks, followed by a flood of seed and threw her on the ground.
Her body was exhausted and she could not move a muscle. In her exhausted mind she felt a small sense of relief that it was over and that she had survived.

She rolled over to her back, looking up at the sky when a large shadow walked over her. The troll grabbed her by the head, lifting her into the air. He let her hang just in front of him, watching her with his small peering eyes.

The pain of being lifted by the head gave her an adrenaline rush. She started kicking at the troll but missed and instead started swinging back and forth, increasing the pain on her neck.

The troll put a huge finger between her legs and lowered her down on it, making it enter her fully.
She half screamed, half moaned, still being turned on by the earlier onslaught. The troll lifted his finger and she hung completely on the finger buried inside of her.

He sniffed the air as she screamed and panted for air at the same time. He grabbed her by the chest, pulling her up from his finger. He bent her forward, sniffing her butt. The two orc's now sitting down watching laughed at her while she hung there, ass in the air, being sniffed by the huge troll.

The troll stopped sniffing and started lowering her down towards him. She had not seen it before but as she looked down between her legs she saw the monster that was the trolls cock. It was much bigger than the orc’s and it was pointing straight up.

She squeezed her legs together, but since she was on an angle they hung too far in front of her, making her half open hole exposed. The troll lowered her down on his cock and she felt the warm surface against her but and lips. She never thought it would fit but trolls are not know for their intelligence, however they are known to be extremely stubborn.

The troll pulled her down, the giant tip forcing her legs apart and pushing up against her hole.
She felt the smallest part of the tip moving inside of her, pushing her entrance apart. Having the orc's inside her had pushed her against her limit, this however was bigger, a lot bigger. The troll stubbornly pulled her down with a force she could not withstand.

Her entrance had to adapt, beyond limit or not, it was forced to take the giant head. As it entered her, her tunnel pushed everything else inside of her out of it's way. The trolls member pushed inside of her, filling her up to the point of exploding.

Luckily for her the troll was not as long as he was thick and he was content filling her all the way in, making her take in his full length. Her body could not handle the amount of pain and yet again replaced it with pleasure, making her scream and come, over and over again as the troll started pulling her up and down his length.

The troll kept at it for at least 40 minutes and she did not stop coming for even a second, her body was like a ragdoll, she just hung in his grip as he used her for a sex toy. At last she felt the penis inflate as the seed shot from the trolls balls. The initial force of it pushed her up from the cock, moving her several centimeters before she slid back down again.

The troll had balls bigger than coconuts and he kept coming for several minutes, building up pressure inside of her uterus as they filled beyond their brim with hot seed. The sensation made her even more wild and the thought of being seeded by a giant troll cock made her wild. She started screaming to continue, to fill her up, to fuck her hard.

The orc's sat laughing and pointing at her as she screamed and cursed at the troll to fuck her harder. The troll pulled out, releasing the pressure build up with buckets of seed flowing out of her. She kept screaming at the troll to take her, even as she felt her body completely finished, she could not stop screaming, as if she had been cursed by the trolls cock.

The troll looked curiously at the angry woman in his hands, turned her around and lifted her butt up, using his other hand to explore it. After minutes of cursing from her and exploring from him he seemed content and lowered her down against his still swollen member.

This time he used his other hand to spread her butt and put it down on the wet hard cock. She knew what was about to happen and it scared the mind out of her but she could hear herself screaming at the troll to fuck her up the ass.

The two orc's sad and watched her curiously as she was pushed down against the cock, forcing it to expand her already stressed anus further. She now screamed out of sheer pain as it forced her wider, until with a jerk it entered her fully. Her mind faltered and she fainted, only to wake up again a few seconds later.

The troll pulled her up and down his cock, now using both hands to hold her. He seemed more aggressive than before and was more violent in his movements, meeting her up with his hips with thrusts. She had to focus to be able to breath, timing each breath between the pushes.
Her body was completely limb, being jerked up and down the huge member forcing it's way in and out of her.

She saw herself from outside, as if not being in her own body. She saw the troll pull her up and down, violently raping her ass with the giant cock. Colors turned gray, the light faded and she passed out..

28 October 2011

The Characters

These are the characters in the coming story.
Most of the scenes are set up and done, renders are in progress so will probably finish it all this weekend (hope to).

Anyways, these are the actors :)

26 October 2011

The Lab Part 1

The Lab Part 1

Niki awoke as the lights were turned on with a sharp noise. She got up on her hands and knees, trying to get a sense of where she was.
Her head was heavy, as if hungover, and her limbs where stiff and slow.
She sat down on the cold floor, holding her hands up against the bright light.
What had happened last night?

Her eyes were slowly adjusting to the light, she cold make out a room, no furniture.
Something moved close to the door, it was a camera. It seemed to look straight at her.
She got on her feet and looked around. There was a large mirror and two steel doors.
Where was she? She tried to focus on yesterdays events, she remembered dancing.
It was a night out, she remembered a club, a big club with lots of people, dancing.
Who had she been with? Her friends, Ania and Cate, but where were they?
She felt cold, she looked down on her legs and realised with a shock she was naked from the waist down.

Quickly she moved into the corner covering herself up with her hands.
Her head was clearing up now, and she felt fear and panic coming over her. What had happened, had she been raped? How had she ended up here?

A door was opened and closed somewhere, she could hear the sound of footsteps. It sounded as they came closer. She walked back against the wall, pressing up against it.
The footsteps stopped, a door was opened and closed and all was quiet again.
She slid down on the floor, holding her knees to her chest, her heart pounding faster than ever before.

Suddenly one of the doors started opening. She jumped to her feet, pressing up against the wall, staring at the door.
She could hear a strange sound coming from the other room, something was in there, and the smell, she could feel it now, stronger and stronger. Like an animal, but more wild, more savage.
Sniffing, followed by a growl, something was moving towards the door on the other side.
Her eyes was dead set on the door, she saw nothing else.

Out jumped a big furry creature, growling and snarling at Niki, staring right at her.
The door from where the creature came closed.
Niki was standing back to wall, heart pounding, eyes focused on the beast. The beast stared back at her, sniffing the air.
Niki, without control over herself, ran to the other door, bashing it and trying to force it open.
The beast took a leap forward and stopped just centimeters away from Niki, who had turned and now stood looking straight up in the beasts eyes.

Niki froze up completely, not daring to move, she could only stare deep into the big dark eyes, looking down on her.
She saw the pupils dilate, and then everything happened so fast, he grabbed her below her breasts, lifting her up against the door. She tried to get away but the massive hand had an iron grip on her, almost breaking her ribs.

As she hung in his grasp she could feel the musky smell increasing in strength, she looked down and saw something red between the beasts legs. At first she did not make the connection but as she saw the thing unsheath further from the body she realised it was a penis. She watched it move out of its protective cover, swelling, hanging further and further for every second.
She watched with a mix of shock and amazement as it grew. The veins covering it was pulsating, now rising it higher for every heartbeat until it no longer hung but stood straight up.
It was bigger than any penis she had ever seen, the head the size of a fist, the shaft almost half a meter long. She remembered having seen dock dicks on TV and it reminded her of one, while still retaining some human features.

She looked up only to see the savage desire in the face of the beast. Her mind just managed to think the thought of the best wanting to breed with her when he violently threw her to the floor.

She struggled to get back up and could feel the beast standing over her. She managed to get on all four and started crawling away. A jolt of pain shot though her as the beast grabbed her leg and harshly pulled her back. She got up again but was grabbed by the throat and pulled back.

As she gasped for air she could feel something big, warm and wet poking her from behind. The grip on hear throat was released and she was thrown down on the ground with her ass still in the air.
Again she felt the big dick poking her, trying to find an entrance. She was just about to get back up on her hands when a massive hand grabbed her shoulder, holding her down and back, as the big dick pressed up against her, pushing to enter her.

The beast kept it there, pressed up against her, while making small but hard thrusts against her. She felt the warmth and moist rubbing and pressing against her lips. The head was as large as her own fist and she quickly thought that it would never fit.

She tried to move but was held in place and could barely move a muscle. The head kept prodding her lips, rubbing up and down their lengtht, slightly spreading them around the tip.
As her lips parted and her inner region was rubbed and pushed she felt a warm feeling running through her. Her hole was getting wet, both from her and the beast and even though her heart was pounding she could feel the blood running warmer.

The beast was impatient now and pulled back and thrust against her, trying to force himself into her.
She was caught of guard and felt her back arcing unnaturally. The beast pulled back again and this time she flexed her abs and back to take the thrust.

The head smashed into her now wet and opened hole, expanding it even more. She groaned as the beast pulled back for another thrust. Again it smashed against her, expanding her hole even more.
The beast pressed up against her again, making small violent thrusts while holding the tip in place pressed up against her entrance.

She had to flex her back and arc it back to be able to take the thrusts. This position made the tip of the penis push against her at a new angle and for a split second she felt her muscles relaxing.
With a scream the head entered her hole fully, passing the entrance and burrowing into her tunnel, expanding her walls.
The fist sized head was pulled out slightly and thrust in again, trying to go deeper, expanding the tunnel to its limits. Instinctively the beast tried to go deeper, wanting to make sure his seed was not wasted.
The thrusts became more violent, penetrating her again and again, trying to reach further inside of her..

She felt as if the dick was poking her spine and guts at the same time as her body was ravished. The beast froze for half a second and Niki could feel the head expanding even further, making the head a big knot. The pain made her scream as she was expanded even further. The head acted like a plug preventing it or anything else to slip out of her, which she was made painfully aware of as the beast pulled it back to her entrance, where it got stuck. She felt something warm shooting out and hitting her cervix as the beast began seeding her.
The shots continued and the beast pushed back inside her to make sure nothing was not wasted, leaving the penis as deep inside of her as it could get, pushing to get even deeper.
It's head pressed up against her cervix, shooting straight inside it, filling her up. The pressure built up as she was filled and she felt every part of her was expanded by the warm seed.

With a great jerk the beast tried to pulled out of Niki but once again got stuck in her entrance where the knot could not pass. The beast wanted to get free and started pulling and growling as he could not get loose from her. The pain she felt for each pull was mixed with pleasure each time the beast paused for the next jerk.
After what felt like an eternity of pulling the beasts head had shrunk enough to get out and the beast pulled out with a splash, leaving Niki's hole wide open flowing with seed.

The beast sniffed the air around her ass as Niki lay there, still in his grip. Niki's mind was overloaded by the pain and the pleasure and was unaware of anything happening to her. Her mind was blank and she was just staring at the wall across the room.
Something poked her ass, something hard, a nail or a claw. It was not sharp but it was hard and long and it was poking her ass, trying to make its way into her.

She heard the beast growling as he was exploring her but she was still in to much shock to really notice.
The poking stopped and was replaced with something hot dripping down into her now slightly opened hole. It ran down her and she could feel more and more poring in. Suddenly the still hard and swollen head was poking her and she could feel the warm seed pouring from it into her anus.
The poking was replaced with small thrusts and a constant pressure from the fist sized head. Her blank mind realised the beast tried to take her anally and fear ripped through her. She tried to get up again but was held down by the massive hand. Her struggle against the beast seemed to encourage him and the thrusts were intensified.

Niki felt her ass cheeks spread around the penis and her anus widen as the tip prodded her, effectively lubing her up with it's seed. She tried to get loose and clawed for the hand but her arms where locked in place and she lay there, ass in the air, completely helpless.

The big head now pushed so hard she could not hold on anymore, she relaxed her anus and in less then a second the dick entered her with its whole length. She screamed at the top of her lungs as the balls smashed against her lips. As the beast drew back for the next thrust she felt her entire body being pulled up, while the hand held her down.

She felt as she was to be ripped in two, and then the thrust came again, entering her full shaft. The belly and balls smashing against her again. The thrusts increased in speed but was always shaft deep, pushing and expanding Niki.

Niki's body was filled with pain but all the same she did feel some kind of wild pleasure, the thought of being ass raped by a beast with the dick the size of a small arm made her already raped pussy even wetter and soon the pleasure replaced the pain. Her screams where replaced with loud moans and she flexed her body to meet the thrusts as best as she could.

The human part of her brain was taken over by the animal in her and it enjoyed the brutal thrusts.
Once more she felt the head expanding, creating a knot inside of her, preventing it to leave her, but this time she enjoyed the pain.

As the beasts seed began shooting inside of her again she felt an orgasm filling her up. It began tearing at her and she screamed at the top of her lungs and continued while the orgasm continued to flow through her body.
She paused only to breath and kept screaming as she came, her body did not stop, it was out of her control, she could not stop coming.
After several minutes of seeding her the beast tried to pull out and was again stopped by the knot, he tried to force it out but it did not matter, it was stuck inside of her.
Niki felt the pulls and with them came a blanket of darkness, covering her mind as she fell unconscious..

25 October 2011


This is a picture i left rendering while a wrote up yet another story.
Story is finished and now im deciding whether i should illustrate it or not.
Problem is i created an enviroment in the story i can't really reproduce (at least not within a reasonable amount of time).
Anyways, here is the lead character in the new story, she doesn't have a name yet so suggestions will be considered :)

Also, the story i mentioned earlier is still rendering :S

24 October 2011

Story in the works

Last night a spent a few hours writing up a short story while setting up a few illustrations.
Today i have finished setting up the scenes, next step is rendering (will take a while it seems) and re-reading what i wrote yesterday (was tired so probably full of errors).
Hopefully i will have it all up within a few days, mostly depending on render times.
As of now it's 5 images and it seems they need 5h+ each to render (maybe more).
Just wanted you all to know something is in the works, hopefully it will turn out half decent :)
Also the setting im using for the story etc can/might be reused for future stories and illustrations as well, however due to the heave render times i might need to change a few things to cut them down.

20 October 2011

Lending a hand

Extreme speedrun image picture thingy...
This took 30mins to setup and rendered for around 10, should be higher res and render for much longer but i need some sleep.
Just so you guys have SOMETHING except my boring text ;)

Life, the universe and everything

Couldn't think of a good title :P Anyways, there has not been any updates here for a long time now, which would indicate i am being lazy again and not creating anything. But in reality i am actually creating stuff, only it is not stuff for this site (not pr0n). The bad about this is that it means less updates here, the good however, is that im learning stuff, LOTS of stuff which i can later apply when making stuff here. Most people that come to this blog come here for the pictures and not for my tedious words of "i wish i had time" etc but hopefully the things i learn will make it worth the wait. (just hope im not settings expectations to high now :P) Anyways, i have not forgotten this place, this is my home when it comes to 3D art, this is what motivates me, the response im getting from all of you, the 700k + visitors, the comments, the emails, the followers. THIS is what makes me want to create 3D, so don't think i have forgotten.. Ok, enough words, for now... ;)

21 August 2011

Sidenote The Experiment

This was in no way a planned story, i made 2 images and when i was about to upload one i started typing a short story.
Continued on image 2 and then started making a few more images.
All the story elements are written directly into the new post field and i haven't even read through it once after typing it so spelling errors and bad grammar is bound to occur somewhere :P
Anyways, i might try to make a collected document out of all this to make it easier to follow, but im unsure on how to do it so i guess time will tell if i do it or not.
Also i may do a few closeup shots to add in (on JCD's request) but it's no promise, i MAY do it :P
Anyways, i hope you enjoy the short improvised story, i sure did writing it :)

The Experiment part 5

Her whole body rocked back and forth as her behind was assaulted and the pain was only surpassed from the animalistic pleasure she could not help but feel.
The seed once more started flowing and she could feel it filling her entire system, as there where no way it could escape back out.
A great warmth spread in her body as the liquid made its way inside of her.
She could not help it, her neverous system was overloaded by the thought of that huge limb having it's way with her, and the intense feeling in her whole body from the limb, pushing, ramming.
She came, her whole body, every cell in her came at once. All the pain disappeared and was replaced with pleasure, as she screamed. She could not move, nor think, nor breath, her entire being was coming.
As the orgasm passed the beast was pulling out now slack limb out of her and releasing his hold on her legs.
She tried crawling away but could not muster the strength.
She looked back to the beast but he was just standing there, peering at her.
It was hard to tell due to the inhuman face but she thought she could see a hint of fulfilled duty and satisfaction on his face.
She turned back her head and felt a great rush of blood going through her body.
She lost conciouness.

The Experiment part 4

Using her legs to pull, the limb pushed deeper, expanding her walls in all directions.
She could feel her organs giving way to fit the limb inside her.
The thrusting increased in intensity as the beast got more excited, almost the whole shaft was inside of her now.
The sack hit her stomach as he rammed in to her.
Once more the beast started ejaculating inside of her, filling her with it's seed.
The hot seed was flowing, making puddles on the floor and running down her thighs and legs, but she could barely feel it as all her senses was directed at the giant limb thrusting furiously in and out of her.
Suddenly the beast paused, pushing intensely as hard as he could to stay inside of her while at the same time pulling her legs towards him.
The recruit almost fainted from the pain when the big load of seed entered her all at once.
She was already so full she could feel it splashing out of her in warm jets of seed.
The beast pulled out of her once more, taking buckets of seed with him.
Once more she felt the relief of having survived, she tried to get up but felt back down on her arms as her muscles failed her.
She looked back between her legs and saw, to her great horror, how the beasts limb was stiffening again.
Her legs where pulled back, her body moving back towards the oncoming intruder.
This time she did not feel it move up against her now trembling opening, but rather against her other hole.
At first the idea did not hit her, but when she felt the tip of the huge limb pushing against her ring, lubing it with the seed, she could feel the fear rushing through her.
She tried to resist with the strength she had left but it was useless, the head was pressing against her and even if she tried to stop it her ring was widening.
As the beast pulled harder the head was now halfway in and seed was starting to make it's way into her.
As the ring was made more and more wet the head pushed deeper and with a sudden jerk the head entered her fully.
She let out a scream of pain as the limb started ramming in and out of her, getting deeper and deeper for each thrust.
It was not long before the shaft was fully submerged inside her.
The sack slapped her opening brutally as the shaft rammed inside of her with incredible force, going from fully inside of her to almost entirely outside, then back in again.

The Experiment part 3

The throbbing limb pressed against her, thrust again and again, so desperatly trying to enter her.
She was getting hotter and wetter with each second and the tip parted her lips further and further for each thrust.
As the tip was parting her lips she felt the warmth come running and she was now dripping with juice and could not help letting out small sounds when the head hit her lips.
The beast growing more and impatient now pressed his limb up against her as hard as he could. She felt how it pressed against her opening harder and harder, and suddenly it let go, the giant cock slid in to her and she let out a scream of pain and suprise.
It filled her to the brim and still it was not even half way in her, she felt it expanding her, pushing against her walls.
The beast now continued his thrusting with renewed vigor and the recruit was pressed up towards the ceiling again and again for each thrust.
She felt the tip leaving her and then ramming her, parting her lips and forcing her legs further apart. Again and again she was rammed, feeling it go deeper for each time as she expanded around the giant limb.
The beast started ejaculating inside her, not stopping his thrusting.
She felt how she was filled with the warm liquid and yet he kept coming, it started puring down her thighs in big globs yet he kept coming.
She felt it filling her uterus, expanding it, while at the same time it was rammed further and further.
The pleasure was so intense she was moaning out loud, feeling her body trying to squeeze back at the giant limb that was forcefully entering her, time and time again.
The beast made one final thrust that pushed her body into the air, hanging on the stiff, wet, limb.
Even more cum was entering her, flowing out through her opening down on her thighs.
The beast let loosened his grasp and pulled out his limb, taking with it a stream of cum.
She thought he was done, she felt the relief under the pain and pleasure tearing through her body.
Just as she tried to get up, the beast took her by the legs, turned her around in one quick motion and moved her into position.
She hardly had time to land on her arms and as she looked back between her breasts she saw the limb stiffening again, moving up against her from behind.
She could feel the warm tip touch her lips, parting them gently as he moved into position.
Then suddenly, with a jerk of the hips, he entered her, pushing all the way in, wanting to go deeper.
The beast used her legs for pulling her closer to him, trying instinctivly to go deeper.

The Experiment part 2

After daring to touch the beast the recruit advanced more and more and examined the body curiously.
One particular organ seemed to peak her interest especially, as she could not stop touching and poking the big slack penis being layed out in front of her.
As she got more daring in her exploration the big body suddenly twitched.
The recruit fell backwards out of fright and landed sitting on the floor with a shocked expression.
The body twitched again and the fingers slowly grasped the air.
As the beast was waking up, the recruit, still sitting on the floor, began to move backwards towards the locked security door.
In what seemed less then a second the beast rose from the bed. Aqua colored eyes peered around the room.
What looked like tentacles on the face where moving as if smelling and grasping the air.
At first the beast did not notice the now terrified recruit, but with a twitch the smell was caught and the three pairs of eyes focused on the recruit, now pressing her back against the door.
In what was barely visible to the eye the beast moved across the room.
A scream of terror was heard as the recruit tried to get away and ran off to the bed.
The beast followed with a hungry expression in his eyes.
The recruit tried to climb atop the bed but the beast would not permit it as he grabbed her by the waist and drew her down.
She tried to get away but his grasp was to strong.
As the beast kept grasping the air with his tentacles and eyeing her with his many eyes, his limb began to expose itself and rise, as it stiffened.
The recruit noticed this and renewed her attempts to get free.
She managed to get a hold of the bed ceiling and tried to drag herself out of his grip.
The beast draged her losed and then pressed her up against the bed ceiling while his limb, now fully erect, was moved to her tight opening.

The experiment

After losing 20 capturing the beast the decision to sacrifice yet another to use as a test subject was easy.
The subject was one of the new recruits and had yet to learn the ways of a proper soldier. It had not been hard to fool her into the room, and when they undressed her she was more surprised then unwilling.
It would be interesting to see the reaction from the beast.
While capturing it had indicated extreme violence towards all men, but towards women it had rather held extreme lust.
15 men killed and 7 women raped, out of which 2 survived, the odds were against the recruit.

19 August 2011

Drub It!

Did these a few days ago but never got around to posting them.
Back to work now so less time for 3D and all other fun stuff, but there will be more, just you wait! :)

14 August 2011

Spoils of a Death Knight

Pays of sometimes, being a death knight...

Death Knight

Setting up a bunch of characters for Reality atm.


Meet Dea (character tests)

Troll Sized

Trolls might not be smart, but they are stubborn..

Force It

We all know it can be hard to find just the right spot sometimes...

13 August 2011

A new beginning

Ok, got the new tools, learned to use em, the results for now (below).
Next phase, do some proper work! :)
Problem is just that rendering takes so long, the spartans pic was canceled after 9(!!!) hours and its not even half finished :S
Anyways, stay tuned for more!

12 August 2011


Been spending most of the day experimenting with skintextures and production pipelines.
Just as i started getting decent results in Maxwell with skin i realise the production pipe is to unreliable, to many things that doesnt work needs to work.
Right now im looking in to using reality for Daz Studio instead, which has similair features.
Problem is just that i have to start all over again learning the material system etc.
Ah well, have a few days to spend so i guess its not that bad.
Anyways, will post a few of the test renders, not terribly exciting but at least it's not just a bunch of text :)

30 July 2011


Instead of having a nice relaxing vacation i have been working pretty much every day (including weekends) all summer, hence the lack of updates.
Now i will soon have a short vacation and after that i hopefully will be back to business.
Noticed some of the banners had broken so redid them.
Been catching up on the poser/daz community most of the day today and have seen some exciting changes in the new Daz studio 4, for those of you interested there are lots of new feature coming in the new version.
Biggest thing is the new Genesis model that will be an all in one model. As of right now there are only a few morphs but i expect that to change the coming months.
Basically this will allow for much more unique and interesting models (read monsters) and a lot more freedom in creating characters.
I have already started experimenting slightly and will post any results here as soon as i get any worth posting.

Anyways, like i always say, hopefully i will be back in posting business soon :)

26 May 2011

The Amazons

Funny story really, created these and even uploaded them to imagevenue several days ago, but i did forget to post the picture here (realised that yesterday).
Well here it is, a triad of Amazons, out for a stroll in the woods.
Who knows what they might run in to in the future...

24 May 2011

The Thinker

Did this for the webpage bg, not sure if it's any good but if someone wants it as a wallpaper here it is.

22 May 2011

The Offering

Don't have much time right now so whenever i get some i use it to experiment with the new render.