28 June 2009

The Linup

Didn't quite turn out as i wanted and there are a few things that need fixing, but good enough for uploading i'd say.

25 June 2009

Flower power!

Two new ones i did today.

24 June 2009

Altar + Havoc

Have serveral more of these altar pics, just need to setup materials/lighting and render them.


Just a quick one, trying out a cheerleader character.
Thinking i got it to white instead of to dark this time...

Wyvern Light

Since the other pictures ended up dark i tried a bit brighter, hopefully its better this way.

08 June 2009


First time i use the Wyvern model, the second picture turned out a bit dark but im to lazy to re-do it.

07 June 2009


Another one on the altar.

Dog Altar

Will be a whole serie of pictures with the same girl/position but different beasts/monsters, still rendering tho so will be a few hours.

06 June 2009

Monster Dungeon

Refined my new centaur a bit, quite like how he turned out so expect to see more of him.

05 June 2009

Centaur Camp

Ok, did a bit of experimenting with a new centaur model yesterday, still rather rusty at this.
Turned out ok for being the first images for several months.

03 June 2009

Still alive

Well, just wanted to let everyone know that i am still alive and that i have sorted lots of things in my life that was keeping me from this place.
While i make no promises i belive and hope that i will be back to creating and posting soon, so hang in there...