06 June 2012

The Falling Angel

Fallen Angel
Thunder shook the heavens themselves as the sentence was carried out. She felt the air under her wings getting thinner. The spires of heaven vanished in the thick clouds as she fell towards the earth.
She could but steer with her weakened wings. A church, maybe they would treat her well, she thought as she tried to gain control of her descent.

She hit the ground with such force there was a large crater around her. Unharmed she got up and walked towards the church. It seemed a lot larger when looking at it from the ground. She was not used to seeing things from the ground, the world looked so different when seen from below.

She opened the door and walked inside. She saw no one around.
Hello! Is there anyone here? She shouted.
No reply.

She went along the benches towards the altar, looking up at the large window and the glass image of jesus. If only the humans knew, she though to herself.

There was no sign of anyone else present. She sat down on the front row, thinking of what to do next.

She still could not believe she had been cast down for such a minor error. All she had done was think one sinful thought, she had never plan to act upon it.
A noise startled her, she turned around but there was nothing there. Again she heard something, a whisper, or was it the wind?
She stood up and looked around, the church was empty.

Again she heard the whisper, louder this time. A faint smell came with it. Instantly she recognised it, demons!

Come into the light and be judged! She shouted.
Foolish girl, your pride does you no good you here. The voice was stronger now.
Show yourself!
Very well..

She felt something against her shoulder and instantly turned. Behind her stood a red demon, grinning at her.
Foul demon! Your evil ends this day! With all her might she threw her fist towards him.
His hand, moving too fast to be seen, caught her fist mid air.

Don't be foolish, little girl, you have no power, you are no more than a mere human, with wings.
But do not despair, being human has it's.. Perks...

With a quick move he spun her around, pulling her to him.

I will show you. He whispered softly in her ear.

04 June 2012

Demonic WIP

A testrender (that ran all day while at work) for a scene with a short story attached to it.
For some reason his fingers got messed up, need to look at that. Also lighting probably needs to be redone and some fixes to posing etc but i figured it was good enough to post as a WIP.

03 June 2012


Just trying a new enviroment..

Tavern Experiment

Wanted to make a cool tavern scene with lots of lightsources, lots of details etc butwhen i started rendering i noticed it will take forever.
This is a low res preview and it's REALLY grainy, and yet it ran for 3 hours to get to this point. Making several images in this setting is really not an option.
I might go back and re-make the scene so it can be rendered more easily but i havent decided yet.

Anyways, here is the result.

Return of the Wolf, part 2

Here comes the rest.

02 June 2012

Return of the Wolf

So instead of using my old and tried SanctumArt werewolf im trying a genesis morph version instead.
Bit hard to see here but i think its pretty good, easier to poser as well :)

More of the same are coming so stay tuned!
Also sorry for the graininess, i could get rid of it but it would require days worth of rendering or a more complex scene setup so hopefully it won't annoy to much.


Feels like i have been working for days and have no work to show for it. Made this yesterday rather quickly just to have something.
I personally feel im having trouble with finding that one thing that makes an image hot or arousing. This one for example, is just someone hanging by her feet with a trunk in her pussy (ok that sounds wierd...) but it doesnt instill a sense of "wow thats hot!".

I guess it's something i need to practise more, just wish posing in daz wasnt such a struggle! (and yet i think it's far easier than poser)