21 August 2011

Sidenote The Experiment

This was in no way a planned story, i made 2 images and when i was about to upload one i started typing a short story.
Continued on image 2 and then started making a few more images.
All the story elements are written directly into the new post field and i haven't even read through it once after typing it so spelling errors and bad grammar is bound to occur somewhere :P
Anyways, i might try to make a collected document out of all this to make it easier to follow, but im unsure on how to do it so i guess time will tell if i do it or not.
Also i may do a few closeup shots to add in (on JCD's request) but it's no promise, i MAY do it :P
Anyways, i hope you enjoy the short improvised story, i sure did writing it :)

The Experiment part 5

Her whole body rocked back and forth as her behind was assaulted and the pain was only surpassed from the animalistic pleasure she could not help but feel.
The seed once more started flowing and she could feel it filling her entire system, as there where no way it could escape back out.
A great warmth spread in her body as the liquid made its way inside of her.
She could not help it, her neverous system was overloaded by the thought of that huge limb having it's way with her, and the intense feeling in her whole body from the limb, pushing, ramming.
She came, her whole body, every cell in her came at once. All the pain disappeared and was replaced with pleasure, as she screamed. She could not move, nor think, nor breath, her entire being was coming.
As the orgasm passed the beast was pulling out now slack limb out of her and releasing his hold on her legs.
She tried crawling away but could not muster the strength.
She looked back to the beast but he was just standing there, peering at her.
It was hard to tell due to the inhuman face but she thought she could see a hint of fulfilled duty and satisfaction on his face.
She turned back her head and felt a great rush of blood going through her body.
She lost conciouness.

The Experiment part 4

Using her legs to pull, the limb pushed deeper, expanding her walls in all directions.
She could feel her organs giving way to fit the limb inside her.
The thrusting increased in intensity as the beast got more excited, almost the whole shaft was inside of her now.
The sack hit her stomach as he rammed in to her.
Once more the beast started ejaculating inside of her, filling her with it's seed.
The hot seed was flowing, making puddles on the floor and running down her thighs and legs, but she could barely feel it as all her senses was directed at the giant limb thrusting furiously in and out of her.
Suddenly the beast paused, pushing intensely as hard as he could to stay inside of her while at the same time pulling her legs towards him.
The recruit almost fainted from the pain when the big load of seed entered her all at once.
She was already so full she could feel it splashing out of her in warm jets of seed.
The beast pulled out of her once more, taking buckets of seed with him.
Once more she felt the relief of having survived, she tried to get up but felt back down on her arms as her muscles failed her.
She looked back between her legs and saw, to her great horror, how the beasts limb was stiffening again.
Her legs where pulled back, her body moving back towards the oncoming intruder.
This time she did not feel it move up against her now trembling opening, but rather against her other hole.
At first the idea did not hit her, but when she felt the tip of the huge limb pushing against her ring, lubing it with the seed, she could feel the fear rushing through her.
She tried to resist with the strength she had left but it was useless, the head was pressing against her and even if she tried to stop it her ring was widening.
As the beast pulled harder the head was now halfway in and seed was starting to make it's way into her.
As the ring was made more and more wet the head pushed deeper and with a sudden jerk the head entered her fully.
She let out a scream of pain as the limb started ramming in and out of her, getting deeper and deeper for each thrust.
It was not long before the shaft was fully submerged inside her.
The sack slapped her opening brutally as the shaft rammed inside of her with incredible force, going from fully inside of her to almost entirely outside, then back in again.

The Experiment part 3

The throbbing limb pressed against her, thrust again and again, so desperatly trying to enter her.
She was getting hotter and wetter with each second and the tip parted her lips further and further for each thrust.
As the tip was parting her lips she felt the warmth come running and she was now dripping with juice and could not help letting out small sounds when the head hit her lips.
The beast growing more and impatient now pressed his limb up against her as hard as he could. She felt how it pressed against her opening harder and harder, and suddenly it let go, the giant cock slid in to her and she let out a scream of pain and suprise.
It filled her to the brim and still it was not even half way in her, she felt it expanding her, pushing against her walls.
The beast now continued his thrusting with renewed vigor and the recruit was pressed up towards the ceiling again and again for each thrust.
She felt the tip leaving her and then ramming her, parting her lips and forcing her legs further apart. Again and again she was rammed, feeling it go deeper for each time as she expanded around the giant limb.
The beast started ejaculating inside her, not stopping his thrusting.
She felt how she was filled with the warm liquid and yet he kept coming, it started puring down her thighs in big globs yet he kept coming.
She felt it filling her uterus, expanding it, while at the same time it was rammed further and further.
The pleasure was so intense she was moaning out loud, feeling her body trying to squeeze back at the giant limb that was forcefully entering her, time and time again.
The beast made one final thrust that pushed her body into the air, hanging on the stiff, wet, limb.
Even more cum was entering her, flowing out through her opening down on her thighs.
The beast let loosened his grasp and pulled out his limb, taking with it a stream of cum.
She thought he was done, she felt the relief under the pain and pleasure tearing through her body.
Just as she tried to get up, the beast took her by the legs, turned her around in one quick motion and moved her into position.
She hardly had time to land on her arms and as she looked back between her breasts she saw the limb stiffening again, moving up against her from behind.
She could feel the warm tip touch her lips, parting them gently as he moved into position.
Then suddenly, with a jerk of the hips, he entered her, pushing all the way in, wanting to go deeper.
The beast used her legs for pulling her closer to him, trying instinctivly to go deeper.

The Experiment part 2

After daring to touch the beast the recruit advanced more and more and examined the body curiously.
One particular organ seemed to peak her interest especially, as she could not stop touching and poking the big slack penis being layed out in front of her.
As she got more daring in her exploration the big body suddenly twitched.
The recruit fell backwards out of fright and landed sitting on the floor with a shocked expression.
The body twitched again and the fingers slowly grasped the air.
As the beast was waking up, the recruit, still sitting on the floor, began to move backwards towards the locked security door.
In what seemed less then a second the beast rose from the bed. Aqua colored eyes peered around the room.
What looked like tentacles on the face where moving as if smelling and grasping the air.
At first the beast did not notice the now terrified recruit, but with a twitch the smell was caught and the three pairs of eyes focused on the recruit, now pressing her back against the door.
In what was barely visible to the eye the beast moved across the room.
A scream of terror was heard as the recruit tried to get away and ran off to the bed.
The beast followed with a hungry expression in his eyes.
The recruit tried to climb atop the bed but the beast would not permit it as he grabbed her by the waist and drew her down.
She tried to get away but his grasp was to strong.
As the beast kept grasping the air with his tentacles and eyeing her with his many eyes, his limb began to expose itself and rise, as it stiffened.
The recruit noticed this and renewed her attempts to get free.
She managed to get a hold of the bed ceiling and tried to drag herself out of his grip.
The beast draged her losed and then pressed her up against the bed ceiling while his limb, now fully erect, was moved to her tight opening.

The experiment

After losing 20 capturing the beast the decision to sacrifice yet another to use as a test subject was easy.
The subject was one of the new recruits and had yet to learn the ways of a proper soldier. It had not been hard to fool her into the room, and when they undressed her she was more surprised then unwilling.
It would be interesting to see the reaction from the beast.
While capturing it had indicated extreme violence towards all men, but towards women it had rather held extreme lust.
15 men killed and 7 women raped, out of which 2 survived, the odds were against the recruit.

19 August 2011

Drub It!

Did these a few days ago but never got around to posting them.
Back to work now so less time for 3D and all other fun stuff, but there will be more, just you wait! :)

14 August 2011

Spoils of a Death Knight

Pays of sometimes, being a death knight...

Death Knight

Setting up a bunch of characters for Reality atm.


Meet Dea (character tests)

Troll Sized

Trolls might not be smart, but they are stubborn..

Force It

We all know it can be hard to find just the right spot sometimes...

13 August 2011

A new beginning

Ok, got the new tools, learned to use em, the results for now (below).
Next phase, do some proper work! :)
Problem is just that rendering takes so long, the spartans pic was canceled after 9(!!!) hours and its not even half finished :S
Anyways, stay tuned for more!

12 August 2011


Been spending most of the day experimenting with skintextures and production pipelines.
Just as i started getting decent results in Maxwell with skin i realise the production pipe is to unreliable, to many things that doesnt work needs to work.
Right now im looking in to using reality for Daz Studio instead, which has similair features.
Problem is just that i have to start all over again learning the material system etc.
Ah well, have a few days to spend so i guess its not that bad.
Anyways, will post a few of the test renders, not terribly exciting but at least it's not just a bunch of text :)