29 August 2009

Werewolf Gang

Have done a few things in DAZ Studio 3 lately, the problem i am having tho is that i can't export anything properly to Carrara/Vue.
This one is rendered in DS3 and i have to say that their render engine is rather useless.
I really like DS3 for setting up scenes but unless they fix the exporting issues i will probably stick with poser.


DarkSoul_3D said...

HI Raw,

Was just reading your comments about working with other apps and I noticed that you referred to Carrara.

I use Carrra 7 Pro for ALL of my images. I create and pose all of my scenes natively within Carrara, so no messing about with importing from other apps. If you would like any tips in making it work for you, give me a shout.



Anonymous said...

I like the looks of this scene. Seems to have lots of promise...among other things.

Reaper123 said...

Hey Raw,

I love all of your work! This one has especially caught my interest, is there any hope of continuing this pic? I've seen the more recent pic of this girl with the werewolf in the background, but no action yet. : )