12 September 2009

HD crash

Last week i decided i needed a fileserver so that i could set up a backup for all my 3D content.
Managed to set it all up and was just about to configure the backup application when my 6 months old HD decided it was time to stop working, permanently.
1 TB of data, of which at least 500GB was 3d related, gone.
Sadly the issue is a mechanical failure so a restore is not possible. Im going to send the drive in for repair but i will probably just get a new drive instead.

Life goes on, most of the content can be replaced over time but it kind of broke my motivation and it will be lots of hours spent on getting back to square one...


Blackmoon said...

Aauwh, loosing data always hurts.
Love your art!


kether said...

Courage you make some great works.
Is there a way for me to help you?
Even if I work on industrial 3D software I probably could help you a litle in your work if you tell me what to do.

RawDarkness said...

Thanks for the offer Kether, however i prefer to do my work alone.
I have managed to restore parts of my libraries and have moste of the necessary files back, some just needs to be installed.
Next step is to remake custom characters, poses, materials etc.
Hopefully i will be back to buisness within a week or two.

kether said...

Ok as you like.
If you need one day ask me. ^^
You use Maya or an other software?

horsemount said...

There's a lot of this going around right now it seems (HD failures).

Sorry to hear this.

*Goes off to back everything up right now* O_O