18 June 2010

Image Packs

As everyone must have noticed by now i am on a long vacation from this page and creating images.
Today is the first time i even check in in over 3 months!

When checking through the throng of emails i had received i noticed some being warnings about inappropriate content in the picasa galleries, which would explain the lost images in the earlier posts.

As my time right now is limited i zipped ALL of my images and uploaded here.
I also uploaded only the new ones (2010) if someone wants only those.
The 2010 images can be found here.
I'm not sure how good the upload site is but i hope it will work out ok, if it doesn't suggestions are welcome.

The 2010 file is about 15mb in size and the full file is about 67mb.

I must apologize for disappearing without any warning or any updates, but the explanation is both simple and common, a girl.
Hopefully i will make a comeback soon but i can't say when or if for sure.
Until then, i will try to check by from time to time and also to check my emails as often as possible.

Thats all for this time, thanks for reading!


2Hphotography said...

Go with the girl. They usually are better in the long run :-).

Best of luck.

JCD said...

Hey, nice surprise !!!

@RD I have really been a bit worried, you know, as you disappeared without a trace. Good to hear that you're alright, after all. And yes, girls are a rather time-consuming hobby, requiring all of a man's attention, hehe.

I wish you all the best, but still I am hoping that you will find some creative moments to devote to your 3D-artworks.

Cheers, Jess

Anonymous said...

Nice to know you're still out there!

Tony said...

Great to hear that everything is okay with you - or given your comments, we can hope Better than okay :)

Thanks for the latest share on your artwork, and I really do hope you find a way to eek out a little time to keep being creative!

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog and really like your work! Good luck with your relationship!


Visis said...

Damn women always ruin everything! =)