05 November 2010


Might make more of these, no time right now tho, enjoy for now :)


Hitman_X3Z said...

Hey! Nice images!
I saw your images from picasca was removed! It's too scary for me! But does your picasca galerry has public access or private one?

Tony said...

Really loving the new pieces! Very much looking forward to see what you come up with next!

RawDarkness said...

@ Tony: Thanks :)

@ Hitman_X3Z: It was a public gallery, i guess that is why it was removed.
Until i find something better imagevenue will be the new gallery.

JCD said...

Hey there,

it seems that I have been missing something going on around here! See, I hadn't checked the blog for ages, and now I find lotsa new stuff all ot once. Nice to know you're back.

In any case, keep up the GOOD work.

Cheers, Jess

RawDarkness said...

Thanks JCD :)
Right now my time is limited but my ideas are not, hopefully i will steal some time to make some more soon :)

Alicia Kinomoto said...

You're one of the best!!!!

RawDarkness said...

Thank you Alicia :)

Anonymous said...

Just found out you are back in the game, love your knights and this new black guy has a perfect Assassin feel to him great work mate.

Aussie Fan