19 January 2011

Incubation of Isis

Started on this one several weeks ago but haven't had time to finish it until now.


JCD said...


brilliant example for the fact
that gals & pussies go together.


Anonymous said...


@Raw Love The Egyptian Theme.

Aussie Fan.

RawDarkness said...

@JCD Hehe yeah, have been wanting to mix the two for quite some time now ;)

JCD said...

Glad you guy liked my little pun, hehe. The combination of big cats & gals is seen every once in a while, but not quite as often as I would like. Needless to say that I am looking forward to more, right?!


RawDarkness said...

@ JCD - OFC! ;)

BDG said...

Very nice! SO there will be a 52 image spread for this next week right? (jk)
Like the new layout, now I need to get off my tail and figure out how to do the same on mine...blogger is not a friendly set up when you want to use front page :(