02 February 2011

New Design!

As all of you are painfully aware this blog is getting worse and worse in terms of layout and usability.
I have wanted to remake it for a long time but since i don't know much about webdesign i haven't dared try it.
My plan right now is to first make a few small improvements making it easier to navigate. This i will do using only the built in blogger tools.
After that my plan is to create a completely new page myself, but this will take some time due to the fact that i need to learn everything from scratch. Last time i did webdesign was in gymnasium and it was just one basic class so i have a lot to learn.
Hopefully i will be able to make the first adjustments within a week or two, but i can't promise anything since i have a great lack of time for this.
After that i will start learning webdesign and make a few testpages that will never see the light of the web. Hopefully i will learn enough to be able to create something decent for you all.

Now this is the plan for now, only time will tell how far i will actually get with this...