04 March 2011

Meet Ziva

New character, first one born in Cinema 4D + Interposer
They are just quick renders and background is just the HDRI image, not meant to fill any function.


Hitman_X3Z said...

It's better to not using Interposer, cuz it's don't allow you to make changer for your models, and it will break some _special_ morphs for DAZ Caracters...

Second - Skin it's specular most of times, than SSS, for diffuse better use a solid color, to correct SSS color, or white with bright grey map like AO pass or something that will sharp details on skin.

Third - Specular color for reflections is - bright blue. Specilar color for glossiness - like normal bw specular map.

These are most important things. Good Luck! ;)

RawDarkness said...

Cool, thanks for the input, i am still experimenting with where to put spec maps etc, so any help is greatly apreciated! :D
So far i have had no problems with Interposer but if i run in to something down the line i might consider just importing the obj's instead.
I tried using collade from Das studio but the morphes screwed up and the scenes got a lot heavier to load as well.
Thanks for the feedback Hitman_X3Z!

Hitman_X3Z said...

You are welcome!

In my opinion all this things like collada or interposer, etc., are not intended for advanced sex scenes, not with V4, when it's imported like "OBJ" with your settings, you can easy remodel various bugs in her geometry, make some effects, etc. But all poser\daz(from OJB) with multi-sub materials must be Wielded before render. And RiptidePro has settings for grouping objects by figure or material...

And one more thing... donno how to say it in english, maybe dimensions? Whatever...so V4... her height? 200cm! It's very important to keep them in real. Or there can be some glitches, geometry bugs.

Here is my material setup for skin

Hope this helps!
ps. sorry for my english

Ebil82 said...

Does anyone know where the blog of zzomp went?

RawDarkness said...

Thanks Hitman, some really awesome tips you are giving :)
Still playing around with different functions in C4D but so far it seems OBJ's are easier to manage than interposer.
I currently don'y have vray so using internal render and also experimenting with maxwell.
Problem with maxwell is the rather slow render times.
@ Ebil82, i have no idea, noticed his blog went offline a few days ago, hopefully it will be back again soon.