30 May 2012


Such a creative name, right?
Wanted to try to re-create my earlier (like 2 years ago??) Amazon character. Let me know if you think it's better or worse :)


Anonymous said...

That's smucking fart!
Is there a story or set in the offing?
Crosseyed John

RawDarkness said...

There is a small story in the works with her as the "main character".

Jomish said...

Oh man good to see you're still breathing! haha

RawDarkness said...

Jomish, thank you :)

Anonymous said...

here they are for everyone searching.


i've always wanted to see them in action as I fell in love with the whole picture.
fingers crossed they make an appereance in the story.

the new one is smoking hot, too. the tigerpattern on her skin ist great. way to go. great work =)

3dpromotionblog said...

I hope to see her in more action, it's a good character

fem elushka said...

Looks hot