10 January 2009

More to come

Decided it would be a good idea to divide my album in picasa for easier overview, i have therefor created several new albums but also kept the old one with all pictures in.
Also after making the Busted series i wanted to do something easier and faster that hopefully would turn out better.
So therefor i created the Exposed series, the first ones are already in the album, will post them here as well when all of them are done, still only on monster 2/4 but should be done some time during the day.
Gallery can be found here as always.


Anonymous said...

I love the new model! Both Busted and Exposed are fantastic. I think you are the best renderer I've ever seen! Your content is fabulous as well. You have to understand that even though you think it may not be your best work sometimes, that it is still WAY better than the rest. LOVE the monster and beast themes. The new gallery files are easier to navigate, too.
Please keep doing the great work. I like the short format themes.