09 January 2009


Finally managed to get them all rendered and finished, they didn't turn out as i wanted them but then nothing really ever does.
Next time i won't use as advanced athmosphere settings, took forever to render them all, especially when using a poor laptop.
Anyways, weekend, hopefully i will have time to do some more pictures during the weekend, but you never know as time is scarce these days.
As always all pictures are posted in my picasa gallery, it might be a bit slow to load as ll pictures load at once, i might divide them in different sub albums to conserve peoples bandwith.


Anonymous said...

Cool sequance, though the images are a little dark, so you lose a lot of the detail on the werewolf.

Anonymous said...

No doubt the beast was attracted by the sour smell of her hot, excited genitals...that'll teach the stupid little bitch to masturbate in the school gym!