05 January 2010


Worked on this a few days ago, finished it today.
Not quite what i had in mind when i started with it but it will suffice.


JCD said...


it's absolutely sufficient IMHO. Like the setting, a raped gal chained to a table, surrounded by monsters. Will you show us the whole story behind it?! That would be great.

Cheers from Germany, Jess

RawDarkness said...

I might, i tend to avoid series tho as they take way much time and they never end up as you imagine them (in a bad way).

JCD said...

Ok, fair enough. After all, I am not the artist. However, just a couple of more pictures would make me happy. Same thing applies to the original Werewolf-Gang, by the way. It shows a lot of promise as well, so when you feel like it please give your fans an extra-treat.

TIA, Jessie