07 January 2010

In the Balance

Finished this yesterday but because of stupid programming in Carrara it crashed when saving so had to redo part of it today >.< Well finished now anyways.


Nightshade said...

Neat. I like the use of water.

Tony said...

I think these are coming along beautifully!!! Been wrestling with Cararra myself and am starting to adore it.

You can check out some of my stuff over at ::


OR UNDER falcon2 at Rendosity or renderotica :D

RawDarkness said...

Yeah, Carrara is great, earlier i prefered Vue due (imo) a better render engine, but the easier shaders and the better integration with poser makes carrara better in the long run. I pretty much never use poser anymore as posing is easier in carrara as well :)
Checked out some of your work, looking good, keep at it!

Anonymous said...

i don´t want to be boring but some of your links for pictures are broken

I get this message

ops... there's nothing to see here. Either you do not have access to these photos, or they don't exist at this web address. Please contact the owner directly to gain access.

Looking forward for replies.

mrese said...

Now what the F__k are these last few thing supposed to be???? And how do am I supposed to see them?? =(

Zlaja said...

same problem mate

Zlaja said...

Anyone ???

JCD said...

Yeah, good question.
What's going on here?!


Anonymous said...

It seems to be a problem with the "Misc. Monsters" category. All the missing items are from there. Unfortunately, RD seems to be on vacation.

JCD said...

Hmmm, just thought I'd reply once again. RawDarkness is on a LONG vacation, apparently. Hope he's alright...

Alicia Kinomoto said...

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Next time, if you have a similar problem with Google, I will help you too. Thanks a lot from now.

RawDarkness said...

Sorry for the trouble with the missing images, i made a post about it above this one with some image packs, i really do hope they work as they should.