20 December 2008

The Trial (Story)

Will start this series off by the actual story, the next post will start on the pictures so skip this for those of you that don't like reading or prefer pictures.

The Trial

It had been 2 days since she left the village and still she had not found anything worthy of her courage and skills.
If she could not find a task to prove her worth within a week’s time she would have to wait another year to enter the militias guild and she could not stand being a mere peasant any longer.
While she walking through the forest, cursing at the trees for not finding a worthy challenge, she heard a noise coming from a nearby glade.
“It might be a wolf, or even better a bear!” She thought to herself as she silently approached. She could not wait to see the faces of all the ones who doubted her ability, a bear pelt as proof of her skills, or maybe a wolf teeth necklace.

When she reached the edge of the glade she could not believe her eyes, a troll, here!? She had heard stories of trolls sometimes leaving the cold mountains and wandering the forests, but she had not heard of it ever happening in her 21 summers.
“This is my chance! If I can bring the head of a troll they will make me captain!”

As the images of glory and fame flew through her head she drew her sword and charged straight for the unsuspecting troll.
The adrenaline flowed through her veins and as she ran across the glade she could hear herself screaming, making her feel even stronger, but also alerting the troll to her presence.
As she reached the troll and was just about to deal the first, and in her head, the final blow, the troll used his huge fist and slapped her in the face. For a mere human it could be compared to being hit by a sledgehammer, but the troll knew she would die instantly if he would hit her as he hit other trolls.

The troll, however, had other plans for her. He had not wandered from the mountains and through the deep forests merely by coincidence; he was looking for a suitable female. Even though he knew the human female was not compatible, he did not mind the opportunity to release some of the frustration he had gathered while wandering the forests.
As the huge fist hit her face, she could see herself falling, helplessly, to the ground. With the adrenaline still throbbing in her veins, she did not yet realize what had just happened. She tried to get up but her legs failed her. After a few seconds of trying to decide which way was up and which way was down, she realized the troll was still there, watching her with a strange grin on his face.

She decided it was better to flee and fight another day and began crawling away from the troll. She had a bit of trouble with finding the ground with her hands at first but after a few meters she had gotten the hang of it.
After having crawled what to her seemed to be several hundreds of meters, she felt one of her legs being brutally grabbed, almost falling on her head from the sudden halt. She turned her head around and found herself staring back at the grinning face of the troll, pulling her back. She also just realized the troll had the biggest penis she had ever seen, and it seemed to be getting bigger by the second. A cold shiver went down her spine as she recalled a story she heard once in her youth. The story told of a young woman who had gotten lost in the forest and met a troll. Instead of killing her instantly the troll had used her for mating, killing her in the process.
At the time she had thought the story was stupid and had thought it was to scare the young women to stay at home. Now, however, the story did not feel quite as distant and her head started making up the most horrible scenarios.

The reality came rushing to her when she felt the ground beneath her disappearing and found herself hanging upside down. The troll held her by her ankle with one hand, poking her butt with the other. Suddenly the troll reached for her arm and held her up in front of him, scanning her naked body with his eyes.
She tried to get loose by clawing for the trolls face, but it was impossible to reach, so she instead tried to kick and claw at the troll’s hands to get loose. As the troll let out what could have been a rough giggle, he threw her away from him, several meters into the air.

Not really expecting to be tossed, she was barely able to shield her face before hitting the ground. She hit the ground several meters from where the troll had held her. She did not feel as if she had broken anything in the fall, but she had lost her breath and was gasping for air. She half crawled up a nearby stone to ease the pain to her chest. 
As she lay there, still gasping for air, she could hear the heavy footsteps of the troll from behind, approaching her, she wanted to run but could barely move her arms, let alone walk. 
Suddenly her right arm was brutally pulled back and her face pressed down against the rock, she tried to move but the grip around her head and arm was to strong. She could feel how the troll moved closer to her, positioning her bent over in front of him.

The story of the lost woman in the forest popped up in her head again and she begun to imagine all sorts of horrible ways to die.
Her thoughts quickly gave way for reality when she felt something warm poking against her pussy, at first she did not realize what it was because she could not make out the shape of it, but then it hit her. It was the head of a penis, only it was so large she did not recognize it at first.

At first she did not worry about it entering her since it was so big, but then she felt how the troll pressed up against her, at first only enough to make her slightly excited. But as the pressure and excitement increased, she could feel how she started to take it in, if only a very small amount at a time.
Suddenly the troll jerked up against her and she felt the head of the penis enter her, at first she thought she would tear open, but the pain passed after a few seconds and her extremely stretched vagina started enjoying itself. She could feel every heartbeat of the troll through his throbbing penis. Every beat made her entire body tremble. What she did not expect, however, was that the troll did not satisfy with only entering with a few centimeters.

As the troll kept pushing deeper and deeper, her eyes darkened and she fell unconscious for a few seconds. She was quickly torn back into reality when the troll pulled her head back at the same time he pressed up against her even further, filling her up completely, even though he was not even halfway inside of her.
She could feel it seconds before it entered her, the twitching of his penis, just before it ejaculated and filled her up. She had imagined that it would be a big load for such a big creature, but she was not expecting the vast amounts that now was forced through her vagina and further in to her womb. Even though the huge penis already filled her to the brim and then some, several liters of sperm flowed out through her, creating a small pond on the ground between her legs.

Once again she was close to passing out, the strain on her body was just too great for her to handle. However the troll was not finished with her yet, after searching for a mate for months, the strain build up in his body could not be released by a single load, regardless of how big.

Once again she felt how the ground vanished beneath her, but this time the troll was lifting her holding her by the head. The pain to her neck and spine was slightly lessened by the large amount of endorphins already activated from the brutal penetration, but that did not make the pain any less excruciating. The only thing that prevented her neck from snapping was that her body rested on the tip of the troll’s penis, stretching her vagina even further.

The troll now slowly lowered her on to his penis, using her own weight to push it in further. After having been completely filled up earlier, she had been slightly stretched. This time, however, she had her own weight pulling her down and the penis in deeper then what would in any other situation have been possible. She even begun feeling her cervix expanding and the head of the penis was almost starting to slip in, if only so slightly.

Once again she could feel the twitching, and this time she could even feel how the jet of sperm moved through the penis, in to her, and out again through her already drenched uterus. Even if she was more prepared this time than the last, the huge amount of sperm filling her already stretched and filled vagina and womb, completely filled her and created a pressure inside of her. She felt as if her entire gut would explode, the pain was so intense she once again passed out.

The troll, having had his way with the human, now let go of her head and let her hang completely on his penis. As his erection begun to fade, the female was lowered towards the ground. 
He was impressed with the stamina and stretchability of the female, he had mated with human females before, but most of them had ripped as soon as he entered them, the rest had died during the ejaculation. When he first had seen the female coming charging across the glade, he had though her to be a fragile specimen since she was so young and also seemed so naïve, most humans like her was virgins and those never lasted very long.

The female had now reached the ground and the troll’s erection had almost completely faded. The troll had had his fun and now went off in search for other ways to please himself.
She did not even notice when the troll left, she was still slipping in and out of consciousness and was too tired to care about anything anyways.

After a few minutes, which felt like hours to the female, a passing wolf was attracted by the smell of female in heat. Still too tired to move, the female did nothing to scare the wolf off, even if only an hour earlier she would have jumped at the opportunity to slay one.
The wolf did not know this, nor would it have cared if it had known. All the wolf knew was that there was a female who smelled like she was in heat, laying with her ass in the air and not giving any signs of resisting.

A chance like this did not come every day, so the wolf wasted no time as he mounted her from behind. He immediately started thrusting up against her, trying to find the entrance and also getting himself excited enough to unsheathe his penis.
The female did notice the wolf, but was too tired to make an effort of resisting, even when she felt the hot and wet penis thrusting against her butt. She tried to get up on her hands but the wolf had placed his paws on her back and shoulders and she could not gather enough strength to push him away.

After having had the troll’s penis inside her she did not expect to even feel the penis of the wolf, however when the wolf finally found her entrance and pushed in, she was surprised by the massive size of the wolfs penis. She was also surprised by the pleasure it brought her when the wolf thrust in and out of her with increasing speed and energy.
She could also feel the wolf pumping sperms into her already sperm clad uterus and womb, which added to her pleasure. After a few minutes she even caught herself moaning from the pleasure of the throbbing and thrusting penis.

Just when she was about to climax she felt what appeared to be a large ball on the root of the penis being pushed inside her, at first she thought it would be nothing compared to what she had experienced earlier with the massive troll, but the further the knot was pushed inside her, the more she started to worry about if she could take it without tearing.
All of a sudden the knot entered her completely and she felt her entire body trembling with excitement and release as the knot no long pushed at her opening. After a few seconds of enjoying the moment the thought of getting the knot out entered her mind, and she started worrying about if it would shrink along with the rest of the penis. The wolf had stopped thrusting and the sperm now flowed even more than earlier, the ejaculation lasted for several minutes and the hot sperm ran down her thighs and legs, forming small pools on the dry forest ground.

The female could not help but climaxing over and over again from all the stimulation of flowing sperm and the throbbing of the knot and the penis filling her. However the wolf had now emptied enough of his sperm inside her and his penis begun shrinking. He tried to dismount her but had some problems with the still swollen knot that just wouldn’t exit her vagina.
After having pulled and twisted a while the wolf finally managed to pull the shrinking knot out of the woman, dismounted her and walked off into the forest, leaving the female laying on the stone with her legs and vagina covered in sperm. Still trembling from exhaustion and pleasure, she fell asleep on the rock, not caring about what or who might happen to her.