28 December 2008

The Savage (pictures)

Here is the illustration to the prvious story, even tho the story was made after the pictures.

Since im lazy it is only 2 "pictures" from several angles.

Anyways, i think most of them turned out pretty decent, so enjoy!


Anonymous said...

cool looking sabretooth and a nice lass, shame there was not more images matching up with the story.

Anonymous said...

Just a little constructive comment to go with my post above. Cats have backwards spines on themselves to hold them inside the female, may want t tweak the image to show them.

Would love to see this turned into a storyline.

RawDarkness said...

Well the story came after the pictures, and i know from experience that trying to make pictures that match the story both take huge amounts of time and never turn out as good as i imagine them.
Some day when i have lots of time and the motivation to plan every image in detail before i make it i could probobly manage to create a decent story, until then, just let your imagination fill the gaps :)

And also thanks for the constructive comment.
I am actually aware that the picture is not realistic and does not match the correct anatomy of a cat.
However i personally prefer a non realistic one over a realistic one and therfor chose not to make it realistic.
The comment is highly apreciated tho, thanks :)