30 December 2008

New year and stuff

Managed to add some kind of image slideshow gallery thingy, also added all the pictures uploaded here to my picasa gallery, either click the slideshow or go to this link to se it. Never used picasa before but it was reallt easy to use and automatically sync the content of selected folders with the online album, seems like a very good tool.

Anyways, soon a new year, hope you all enjoy it and keep visiting my still developing site :)

As for updates on new pictures, i don't have any going right now but hopefully after new year i will have some time to make a couple of renders.
Don't forget that you can make requests etc, i wont promise i will fullfill them but i will consider all of them.


Anonymous said...

You are one of the very best! Your content and renders are among my alltime favorites. Please continue to add art to your site. Thank you for all of your outstanding work

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your work. Very good stuff!

Anonymous said...

More Lara!
More of what you're already doing!
Some vore would be greatly appreciated.
Some superheroine stuff would be nice.
All of it together and I'll just die due to lack of blood in my brain!