27 December 2008

Technical issues

As always when i end up having some spare time to do some 3D stuff my poser decides to stop working.

Every time i open it and load a figure it crashes, so right now im trying to create a few new runtime directories and spread out my files a bit so i don't end up with one bogged down runtime directory.

For those of you not using poser this will be gibberish for you but basically i need to re-install and organise a few hundered 3d models/textures and this will proboly take the better part of a day.

Hopefully i will have the most vital models and textures installed again later today so i might have time to make something.

Right now i am also looking for a new apartment which makes things rather messy, my plan is to buy a desktop once i get a new place but for now i work on my slightly unstable and not very fast laptop.