31 October 2011

The Expedition

The Expedition
They had been making their way through the jungle for days and still no trace of the legendary red fern. Their guide had warned them about the jungle being unforgiving but they had not listened.

Sarah smacked her neck, killing yet another mosquito.
-Why doesn't this damn insect cream work?
-It does, the insects love it. Jessica replied with a grin.

Rita looked over her shoulder and smiled at young Sarah as she kept flailing her arms at the bugs.
She remembered the first time she came to the jungle, she was about the same age as Sarah back then.
The jungle had terrified her, the snakes, the insects, the constant feeling of danger. She let out a sigh, the memories, everything was so different back then.

She stopped, looking around for a moment.
-This is good, we camp here.

The others stopped and put down their packs on the ground, both looking exhausted.
-How far is it now? Jessica asked.
-It should only be two more days until we reach the mountain. Rita replied.
-And our best shot of finding it is there?
-It is the least explored part of this whole area, and we have already searched the other possible locations.

Sarah and Jessica started setting up the tent while Rita gathered some wood for a camp fire.

The next day after having a small breakfast they went on their way. The jungle looked the same everywhere, no signs of any mountain. They were lucky to have a guide like Rita, she was one of the most experienced guides money could buy and knew this whole area like the back of her hand.

For Sarah this was her first time outside a lab, a rough start for someone so young and inexperienced. Jessica had been in the field before, but never in an environment as harsh and unforgiving as this one.

They made their way through the jungle, walking all day, until they reached a small opening in the jungle.
-Time to make camp, tomorrow we reach the mountain. Rita said over her shoulder while setting down her pack.

Jessica started unpacking her bag when something caught her eye. She walked to the edge of the clearing and sat down, looking intently at something.
-What is it, what did you find? Sarah asked with excitement in her voice.
-It's something i have never seen before, this might be a completely unknown species!
Sarah ran over and sat down beside her, studying their find.
Rita looked over at them, rolled her eyes and kept unpacking her gear.

Jessica and Sarah where so excited for the rest of the evening they could hardly sit down, they were discussing the name of their new found plant. Rita watched in amusement.

The next day they went up early to get to the mountain before nightfall. After walking for a few hours they came to a small stream running through the jungle. Rita paused to check her map.
-We are almost there now, less then an hours walk.
The two scientists looked at each other in excitement.

They crossed the stream, going on into the jungle. The vegetation was changing, the two scientists had lost count on the amount of new plants they had seen in just 20minutes of walking.
-We have to take a look at these on the way back. Jessica said out loud.

They pressed on, closing in on their destination. Suddenly Rita froze, listening for something.
-What is it? Sarah asked.
-Schhh! Listen!

They all stood together, listening, frozen as not to make any sounds. At first Sarah could hear nothing, but then she heard it, the sound of people talking.

Rita slowly moved forward, carefully setting down her feet as not to make any sounds. The others followed. They slowly made their way towards the sound, sneaking through the vegetation.

They reached a small clearing, hiding behind a few bushes they peeked out. In the clearing was a small group of men standing, talking in weird noises.
When looking closer they did not appear to be human, but they had all the human features.
Standing at least 2 meters tall, with thick skin and a slightly hunched posture they looked somewhat like an evolved form of neanderthals.

They watched for a few minutes as the men stood there talking and pointing at something in the jungle. They then snuck back trough the jungle until they could no longer hear the voices.

-Amazing! This must be a completely unknown species! They must have evolved parallel to humans, undisturbed in this place. This will be the discovery of the century!
Sarah was as excited as Jessica and nodded in agreement.
-They might be dangerous, we need to be careful. Said Rita with concern in her voice.

-Yes of course, we study them from a distance, they won't know we are here, and once we know their habits we try to communicate with them. Jessica was full of excitement and spoke quickly as if she had no time to explain.

-Lets go back and study them! Both Jessica and Sarah started walking back towards where they came. Rita sighted heavily and followed them.

They came back to the clearing where they had seen them, but they were no longer there. They sat in silence for a while, looking and waiting for them to get back.

-They are gone.. Sarah whispered.

They waited a few more minutes before they stood up and walked out into the clearing. Jessica examined the tracks left behind by the big men.
-I wonder where they went.
Rita sat down beside her and took a quick look at the tracks.
-That way. She said and pointed.

Sarah walked towards where she had pointed, peering through the leaves and bushes.
Suddenly strong hands grabbed her by the ankles, making her fall to the ground screaming.

Rita and Jessica turned around and saw Sarah being pulled into the jungle. They ran towards where Sarah was grabbed. Jessica ran into the bushes and disappeared out of sight.
Rita stayed behind, hesitating if she should follow, she knew they would be easy pray in the thick jungle.

A scream was heard as Jessica was caught. Rita turned around and ran back the way they came. She ran through the jungle, not looking back. As she jumped over a large rock on the ground felt something hitting her leg.

She lost her balance and fell to the ground. Looking up she could see one of the humanoids rising up from his hiding and walking towards her.

She got up to run but her arm was caught. She turned around and threw a punch against him. The punch hit his chest, hurting her hand more than him. Before she could throw another punch he had grabbed her other arm as well. She tried kicking him but he turned her around and lifted her under his arm.

The man turned around and started walking back towards the others holding a kicking and screaming Rita under his arm. Nothing Rita could do seemed to loosen his grasp.

After a few minutes they where back at the clearing. On the ground sat Sarah, terrified, holding her legs in her arms. Jessica was nowhere to be seen. Two other men stood there, discussing something in their rough language, making wild gestures.

Rita was thrown on the ground next to Sarah. She sat up and held Sarah in her arms to comfort both Sarah and herself. They heard a scream from the direction Jessica was last seen. They both looked towards the jungle but saw nothing.

Another scream was heard, and another, and another. They hugged each other tighter as the screams continued.

For several minutes the screams continued, until finally fading away. One of the men walked in front of the two women, looking down on them as if deciding something. They looked at him in fear as he stood in front of them.

Rita had noticed earlier the men was without clothes and now when she saw one up close she could see his naked penis hanging just a meter away. It was quite small for such a large man, she tought.

The man grabbed Sarah by her arm and pulled her on her feet. Sarah screamed and tried to grab Rita in panic, as she was dragged away. Rita got up to help her but was forced to sit by another man behind her.

She watched as Sarah's shirt was torn, exposing her young naked flesh. One more man had joined in and was tearing at Sarah's trousers, trying to get them opened. He tried removing the belt but it was to strong, so instead he tore a hole in the trousers, exposing Sarah's underwear.

The big man pulled them to the side, exploring Sarah's lips while the other man held her arms. Sarah was fighting them with her whole body, trying to get lose, but the hold on her arms was to strong. She kicked at the man between her legs and hit him in the face.

The man was angered by this and grabbed her legs, one in each arm, lifting her feet off the ground. He stepped in closer to Sarah and pushed up his now fully erect penis against her.

Rita noticed how the penis she had thought small earlier had grown to over three times the size, making it bigger than any she had seen before.

The man forced himself inside Sarah with brutal angry thrusts, raping her violently as she screamed with pain. He renewed his grip on her legs and stepped in closer, making his thrusts reach deeper. Sarah's young body could barely take his length and was twisting in pain as he penetrated her, over and over.

Rita could see his body starting to tremble, as he begun coming inside of her. He let out a primal scream, and Rita could see the seed dripping from between Sarah's legs.

He let go of her legs and walked away, while the other man threw down Sarah's arms on the ground while he walked around her. Sarah just lay there on the ground, crying silently. The man lifted her hips and turned her around so her ass was in the air.

She did not resist him, she had given up entirely. He positioned himself behind her, holding his penis in his hand. Rita noticed that this man had a longer penis, over 40cm, but not quite as thick as the other.

The man put his penis against Sarah's ass, guiding it with his hand. He pushed against her violently, she screamed with pain. He pushed again and this time the head entered her ass, spreading around his penis.

Rita almost felt Sarah's pain as she screamed with all her soul. He removed his hand and grabbed Sarah by the hips and started thrusting. Forcefully he entered her full length, making his ball sack slap against her ravished vagina.

He thrust inside her again, and again, long hard strokes. She screamed for each time, only pausing to breath. Rita watched as he sat behind her, fucking her ass with 40 centimeters of hard cock. Her mind was disgusted, but at the same time there was something alluring about it, she could not stop watching as the cock slid in and out of poor Sarah.

The savageness of it all, the raw lust expressed by the big man. It turned her on and she felt her heart pumping faster. She caught herself breathing heavy and almost moaning at the sight of Sarah being raped.

Two more men walked out of the jungle. Between them they dragged Jessica, clothes torn, her body limp and unconscious. One of them sat down and the other walked up to Rita joining the one already standing behind her.

She could feel their lust as she watched their penises grow and point into the air. They grabbed her by the arm, pulling her up. She did not resist, she just looked at them. One of them walked up behind her while the other held her arms. He pulled her pants and panties down in one violent movement. He grabbed her by her hips and the other man pulled her arms down.

She stood as if bend over, one man behind, one in front of her. Her face was less then 50cm from the mans penis, now pointing right at her. She felt the one behind her pushing up against her. The penis was thrust against her and slid of her, landing on her back. She could feel it's warmth, its pulse.

The man behind her pulled back his hips and pushed up against her again. The head was pushed against her lips. She could feel how wet she was. The penis was thrust against her again, this time sliding down her lips and stopping between her legs.

The length almost reached to her ribs. The shaft pressing against her tummy. The man pulled back again and re-angled his hips sligthly. This time he hit her from an angle and instead of sliding of her, the penis pushed her lips apart and stopped at her entrance for just a second, before it parted her vagina and entered her.

The large hard shaft pushed deep inside of herp. She let out a loud moan. The penis was pulled back, only to be thrust insider of her again. It's thickness filled her, expanding her as it was moved in and out through her tunnel.

The mans thrusting was brutal, but she did not mind, her body met each thrust, moving around the thick shaft as it worked her.

The man in front of her stepped closer to her, putting his penis in her face. The smell was savage and raw and she wanted to taste it. She opened her mouth around it and the man thrust against her, shoving it inside of her and down her throat.

She gasped for air before she started breathing through her nose. The man started moving his hips back and forth, fucking her mouth. The man behind her stopped deep inside of her, pushing against her, tightening his grip around her waist. She felt the shaft inflating as the semen shot out inside of her.

The feeling was so strong she started moaning as he emptied himself inside of her. The man in front of her pulled back his penis and let go of her hands. The one behind pulled out of her, leaving her hole partially open, flowing with hot semen.

The one in front of her grabbed her waist and turned her around. He pushed her to the ground and sat down behind her. He held his penis in one hand and her waist in the other. The warm wet head pushed up against her ass, her cheeks parting around it.

Her mind was fuzzy with pleasure and she moaned just at the thought of the big cock. She moved her hips back and forth, rubbing the head against her. The man behind her steered the cock against her anus and with a violent thrust he entered her.

Her mind awoke with a shock as the pain tore through her. She felt as if her body would split in two as the cock was brutally forced down her ass. The pleasure was replaced with pain and she screamed as he tore into her.

Her pain made the man even more eager and he thrust harder. She felt her hips being pushed down against the ground. The man moaned and grunted for each thrust, using all his strength to push as deep as he could.

She was laying flat on the ground now, still being hammered brutally by the grunting man, she screamed and moaned for each thrust. After several minutes of hammering the man let out a loud scream as he begun emptying his sack in Rita's ass.

She felt it coming through the shaft just before it shot out inside of her. The hot semen flowing inside of her. She closed her eyes, breathing through her teeth as the long hard shaft lay inside of her, pushing against her walls as it let out it's load.

The man pulled out roughly, making her hips lift of the ground before she fell back down. She could feel the semen pouring out of her, running down her thighs and down on the ground.


JCD said...

Man, I haven't read that much since... oh well, never you mind.

Very intriguing story, very brutal too, but nice. I like it a lot! And it's good to use your illusion only, due to the lack of pictures. Still I am interested, are you planning to illustrate it some day soon?!


RawDarkness said...

Thank you! :) I was planning to make a series of images when i started writing, but as i went on i felt it better leaving this one as text only.
I might make a single picture or continue the story and add pictures later, but i always say that and i rarely happens :P

JCD said...

Oh well, at least I did ask...

By the way, that's the word-verification of blogger.com for me:


Which can be read as EPIC ART, of course. Just take it as a compliment...


Anonymous said...

hot. would love some pics with it