24 October 2011

Story in the works

Last night a spent a few hours writing up a short story while setting up a few illustrations.
Today i have finished setting up the scenes, next step is rendering (will take a while it seems) and re-reading what i wrote yesterday (was tired so probably full of errors).
Hopefully i will have it all up within a few days, mostly depending on render times.
As of now it's 5 images and it seems they need 5h+ each to render (maybe more).
Just wanted you all to know something is in the works, hopefully it will turn out half decent :)
Also the setting im using for the story etc can/might be reused for future stories and illustrations as well, however due to the heave render times i might need to change a few things to cut them down.


JCD said...

Thanks for the update and the effort in general, sounds all mighty promising in my humble opinion. Can hardly wait...


RawDarkness said...

Thank you JCD!
Im grateful for all your comments, a few words make a lot of difference in motivating :)