26 October 2011

The Lab Part 1

The Lab Part 1

Niki awoke as the lights were turned on with a sharp noise. She got up on her hands and knees, trying to get a sense of where she was.
Her head was heavy, as if hungover, and her limbs where stiff and slow.
She sat down on the cold floor, holding her hands up against the bright light.
What had happened last night?

Her eyes were slowly adjusting to the light, she cold make out a room, no furniture.
Something moved close to the door, it was a camera. It seemed to look straight at her.
She got on her feet and looked around. There was a large mirror and two steel doors.
Where was she? She tried to focus on yesterdays events, she remembered dancing.
It was a night out, she remembered a club, a big club with lots of people, dancing.
Who had she been with? Her friends, Ania and Cate, but where were they?
She felt cold, she looked down on her legs and realised with a shock she was naked from the waist down.

Quickly she moved into the corner covering herself up with her hands.
Her head was clearing up now, and she felt fear and panic coming over her. What had happened, had she been raped? How had she ended up here?

A door was opened and closed somewhere, she could hear the sound of footsteps. It sounded as they came closer. She walked back against the wall, pressing up against it.
The footsteps stopped, a door was opened and closed and all was quiet again.
She slid down on the floor, holding her knees to her chest, her heart pounding faster than ever before.

Suddenly one of the doors started opening. She jumped to her feet, pressing up against the wall, staring at the door.
She could hear a strange sound coming from the other room, something was in there, and the smell, she could feel it now, stronger and stronger. Like an animal, but more wild, more savage.
Sniffing, followed by a growl, something was moving towards the door on the other side.
Her eyes was dead set on the door, she saw nothing else.

Out jumped a big furry creature, growling and snarling at Niki, staring right at her.
The door from where the creature came closed.
Niki was standing back to wall, heart pounding, eyes focused on the beast. The beast stared back at her, sniffing the air.
Niki, without control over herself, ran to the other door, bashing it and trying to force it open.
The beast took a leap forward and stopped just centimeters away from Niki, who had turned and now stood looking straight up in the beasts eyes.

Niki froze up completely, not daring to move, she could only stare deep into the big dark eyes, looking down on her.
She saw the pupils dilate, and then everything happened so fast, he grabbed her below her breasts, lifting her up against the door. She tried to get away but the massive hand had an iron grip on her, almost breaking her ribs.

As she hung in his grasp she could feel the musky smell increasing in strength, she looked down and saw something red between the beasts legs. At first she did not make the connection but as she saw the thing unsheath further from the body she realised it was a penis. She watched it move out of its protective cover, swelling, hanging further and further for every second.
She watched with a mix of shock and amazement as it grew. The veins covering it was pulsating, now rising it higher for every heartbeat until it no longer hung but stood straight up.
It was bigger than any penis she had ever seen, the head the size of a fist, the shaft almost half a meter long. She remembered having seen dock dicks on TV and it reminded her of one, while still retaining some human features.

She looked up only to see the savage desire in the face of the beast. Her mind just managed to think the thought of the best wanting to breed with her when he violently threw her to the floor.

She struggled to get back up and could feel the beast standing over her. She managed to get on all four and started crawling away. A jolt of pain shot though her as the beast grabbed her leg and harshly pulled her back. She got up again but was grabbed by the throat and pulled back.

As she gasped for air she could feel something big, warm and wet poking her from behind. The grip on hear throat was released and she was thrown down on the ground with her ass still in the air.
Again she felt the big dick poking her, trying to find an entrance. She was just about to get back up on her hands when a massive hand grabbed her shoulder, holding her down and back, as the big dick pressed up against her, pushing to enter her.

The beast kept it there, pressed up against her, while making small but hard thrusts against her. She felt the warmth and moist rubbing and pressing against her lips. The head was as large as her own fist and she quickly thought that it would never fit.

She tried to move but was held in place and could barely move a muscle. The head kept prodding her lips, rubbing up and down their lengtht, slightly spreading them around the tip.
As her lips parted and her inner region was rubbed and pushed she felt a warm feeling running through her. Her hole was getting wet, both from her and the beast and even though her heart was pounding she could feel the blood running warmer.

The beast was impatient now and pulled back and thrust against her, trying to force himself into her.
She was caught of guard and felt her back arcing unnaturally. The beast pulled back again and this time she flexed her abs and back to take the thrust.

The head smashed into her now wet and opened hole, expanding it even more. She groaned as the beast pulled back for another thrust. Again it smashed against her, expanding her hole even more.
The beast pressed up against her again, making small violent thrusts while holding the tip in place pressed up against her entrance.

She had to flex her back and arc it back to be able to take the thrusts. This position made the tip of the penis push against her at a new angle and for a split second she felt her muscles relaxing.
With a scream the head entered her hole fully, passing the entrance and burrowing into her tunnel, expanding her walls.
The fist sized head was pulled out slightly and thrust in again, trying to go deeper, expanding the tunnel to its limits. Instinctively the beast tried to go deeper, wanting to make sure his seed was not wasted.
The thrusts became more violent, penetrating her again and again, trying to reach further inside of her..

She felt as if the dick was poking her spine and guts at the same time as her body was ravished. The beast froze for half a second and Niki could feel the head expanding even further, making the head a big knot. The pain made her scream as she was expanded even further. The head acted like a plug preventing it or anything else to slip out of her, which she was made painfully aware of as the beast pulled it back to her entrance, where it got stuck. She felt something warm shooting out and hitting her cervix as the beast began seeding her.
The shots continued and the beast pushed back inside her to make sure nothing was not wasted, leaving the penis as deep inside of her as it could get, pushing to get even deeper.
It's head pressed up against her cervix, shooting straight inside it, filling her up. The pressure built up as she was filled and she felt every part of her was expanded by the warm seed.

With a great jerk the beast tried to pulled out of Niki but once again got stuck in her entrance where the knot could not pass. The beast wanted to get free and started pulling and growling as he could not get loose from her. The pain she felt for each pull was mixed with pleasure each time the beast paused for the next jerk.
After what felt like an eternity of pulling the beasts head had shrunk enough to get out and the beast pulled out with a splash, leaving Niki's hole wide open flowing with seed.

The beast sniffed the air around her ass as Niki lay there, still in his grip. Niki's mind was overloaded by the pain and the pleasure and was unaware of anything happening to her. Her mind was blank and she was just staring at the wall across the room.
Something poked her ass, something hard, a nail or a claw. It was not sharp but it was hard and long and it was poking her ass, trying to make its way into her.

She heard the beast growling as he was exploring her but she was still in to much shock to really notice.
The poking stopped and was replaced with something hot dripping down into her now slightly opened hole. It ran down her and she could feel more and more poring in. Suddenly the still hard and swollen head was poking her and she could feel the warm seed pouring from it into her anus.
The poking was replaced with small thrusts and a constant pressure from the fist sized head. Her blank mind realised the beast tried to take her anally and fear ripped through her. She tried to get up again but was held down by the massive hand. Her struggle against the beast seemed to encourage him and the thrusts were intensified.

Niki felt her ass cheeks spread around the penis and her anus widen as the tip prodded her, effectively lubing her up with it's seed. She tried to get loose and clawed for the hand but her arms where locked in place and she lay there, ass in the air, completely helpless.

The big head now pushed so hard she could not hold on anymore, she relaxed her anus and in less then a second the dick entered her with its whole length. She screamed at the top of her lungs as the balls smashed against her lips. As the beast drew back for the next thrust she felt her entire body being pulled up, while the hand held her down.

She felt as she was to be ripped in two, and then the thrust came again, entering her full shaft. The belly and balls smashing against her again. The thrusts increased in speed but was always shaft deep, pushing and expanding Niki.

Niki's body was filled with pain but all the same she did feel some kind of wild pleasure, the thought of being ass raped by a beast with the dick the size of a small arm made her already raped pussy even wetter and soon the pleasure replaced the pain. Her screams where replaced with loud moans and she flexed her body to meet the thrusts as best as she could.

The human part of her brain was taken over by the animal in her and it enjoyed the brutal thrusts.
Once more she felt the head expanding, creating a knot inside of her, preventing it to leave her, but this time she enjoyed the pain.

As the beasts seed began shooting inside of her again she felt an orgasm filling her up. It began tearing at her and she screamed at the top of her lungs and continued while the orgasm continued to flow through her body.
She paused only to breath and kept screaming as she came, her body did not stop, it was out of her control, she could not stop coming.
After several minutes of seeding her the beast tried to pull out and was again stopped by the knot, he tried to force it out but it did not matter, it was stuck inside of her.
Niki felt the pulls and with them came a blanket of darkness, covering her mind as she fell unconscious..


bob said...

Simply Amazing story and pictures with it, Bravo!! I love the genre of how you tell stories that the maidens are sort of experimented on its so Hot! not talking about the breeding parts .. just perfect. I do have a small request though. Would it be possible to make a picture showing the creampie ? as its a big part of the story I found it a bit missing but for the rest Great story and pictures! :)

RawDarkness said...

Thank you! :)
Actually i have an "after" picture rendering right now, it was supposed to go with the other ones but i did not want to delay posting any longer.
I will add it to this post as soon as it's done :)

JCD said...

Hey, more pics, less text!


Just kiddin', of course, thanks for the effort. Can hardly wait for more...


Anonymous said...

Wow . . .
especially Picture number 3, seeing the two so close to each other, realising the difference in size, strenght and demeanor made the story and all following pictures so much more intense.

STRoNG SouL said...

Amazing story and pictures, my favourite is the number 3 and the last, thanks for the effort.

JCD said...

Thanks for the last pic, though I am a bit disappointed. See, after that much action I would have expected to see her all raw and bleeding...


RawDarkness said...

Yeah i might have to re-render it, it's a bit "meh" as endings go i guess :P
I have another story that's a bit more picture intensive in the works, not quite sure when it will be done but the story is written and the characters set up.

Anonymous said...

Test is amazing. Pictures even better. Just wish they were much larger, say 1920x1080HD... :)

RawDarkness said...

@ Anon
Thank you! :)
Yeah i would like to render them in higher res but even at this res it takes around 5-9h to get these results.
The one's posted here would have benefited from rendering even longer as well, the more complex the surroundings the longer the render times.
If i make only characters with no background i can render at high res and get good results in 1h.
So it's a trade off, background vs resolution :)

Anonymous said...

your stuff is awesome. I saw pics 3 and 4 on another site, and I searched for the rest. I really like the lighting quality and your design of the female character.
I would have liked more images to go with the storyline, maybe a gif or short AVI, but I understand the problems with render times. If you would post more details about how you produced the images it would be great. You are an inspiration to would be artists like myself.

RawDarkness said...

@ anon
Thank you very much! :)
I might post a few details about how i create stuff at some point, just need to find the time :)

Anonymous said...

So true to find the time is a major factor. I hope you can update the story and maybe produce the Lab II.
I like the quality of your renders, and how long they can take. Once again thanks for the great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Please continue !!!

So Happy to find it :-))

Great work - 100%

Thank You !!!