20 October 2011

Life, the universe and everything

Couldn't think of a good title :P Anyways, there has not been any updates here for a long time now, which would indicate i am being lazy again and not creating anything. But in reality i am actually creating stuff, only it is not stuff for this site (not pr0n). The bad about this is that it means less updates here, the good however, is that im learning stuff, LOTS of stuff which i can later apply when making stuff here. Most people that come to this blog come here for the pictures and not for my tedious words of "i wish i had time" etc but hopefully the things i learn will make it worth the wait. (just hope im not settings expectations to high now :P) Anyways, i have not forgotten this place, this is my home when it comes to 3D art, this is what motivates me, the response im getting from all of you, the 700k + visitors, the comments, the emails, the followers. THIS is what makes me want to create 3D, so don't think i have forgotten.. Ok, enough words, for now... ;)