30 October 2011

The Scout

The Scout

It was a routine mission, she was to scout ahead of the party and make sure the road was clear.
She had encountered nothing unusual so far, a few bears and a puma, all which where easily scared away.

They had already passed the critical part and was about to leave the forest behind them, ahead lay the vast wastelands and after that the river leading to their home.
She ran through the last outskirts of the forest, reaching a steep ravine, below was the road they would take. Altough steep it would be an easy task to climb down along the vines growing along the wall.

Her agile and toned body quickly swung over the ledge and made it's way down the vines. She wore a full suit of armor but as was the custom amongst her people it covered only the torso, legs and arms as not to impede movement. It effectively left the rest of her completely naked but it was a low price to pay for superior agility in battle.

She had almost reached the bottom when she heard voices in the distance. Instinctively she stopped and listened with all of her senses, not moving a muscle. The voices was coming closer and she could hear them more clearly now, deep rusty voices speaking in a foreign language.
She waited for them to get closer and as they passed around a corner she could see a pair of orc’s walking side by side, talking and laughing, and a mountain troll just behind them.

Her mind worked quickly, looking for a good spot to hide. She had fought orc’s before but the troll made it much more difficult, they where tough enemies and hard to take down without support.
Her body swung around and she begun climbing down towards a small boulder where she could hide.

She reached it just in time not to be seen by the orc’s, who was now passing just next to her hideout. Her heart was pounding as she sat there, just meters away from the orc’s. She could feel their smell, it hit her like punch in the face and she gasped for air. Regaining her breath she could not help letting out a cough, desperately trying to stop herself with both hands on her mouth.
One of the orc’s shouted and the other went silent, she could hear their feet turning around, slowly walking against her.

She considered her options, she might be able to run, but they would surely follow her. Or she could stay and fight but risk being slain or worse, captured. She could try to reach her party but that would bring the fight to them and they had wounded that were unable to fight and might get killed.

She had to move quickly, she could hear the orc's moving closer, only a few meters away.
It was decided, she would lead them away from her party to fight them where she chose, if she fell at least her party would survive. She turned around to reach for the vines when she realised one of the orc's had snuck around behind her, now standing between her and the wall.

She jumped over the stone she had been hiding behind, unsheathing her swords midair. The other orc was standing less then a meter in front of her, she swung her swords at him while leaping to her right. The orc parried her blows without effort and made a thrust against her.
She dodged and tried to back away from the charging orc. She noticed they had unusual markings on their chests and the weapons they wore were not as rusty as was common for orc’s.
They had to be some kind of elite amongst the orc’s, awarded the finest weapons available.

The fighting was intense as she thrust her blades against the orc time and time again. She was fast but the orc did not seem to have a problem keeping up. The second orc had not reached her now and she had to focus only on defence to parry their brutal but precise blows.
She was hard pressed by the two orc's and only to late did she notice the big troll cutting her off from her escape.

The two orc's made a push against her and she had to dive out of their way, only to be hit in the back by the trolls huge fist. She was thrown to the ground, loosing both of her swords and her breath at the same time.
She tried to get up to run but the orc's were already upon her and she felt a foot pushing down on her back.

The fight was over, she was caught and could not get away.

There had been stories of women being caught by the orc's and she knew they did not treat prisoners gently. As she lay on the ground she could hear the orc's talking in their grim language, and could hear the excitement in their voices.

After a few minutes of talking one of the orc's got down on the ground behind her and she felt a rough hand running up her thighs, feeling her smooth skin. She tried to pull her legs together but the orc's knees held them firmly apart as he sat between them.

The orc's seemed more excited now, talking back and forth in their vile tongue.The rough hands run up her thighs to her naked butt, squeezing it and playing with the buttocks. She flexed her whole body trying to get up and when that failed tried to kick the orc behind her, but the foot pressing down on her back held her firmly in place.
She kept struggling and judging from the orc’s voices they found it entertaining.

A finger was run up and down her lips while the other hand kept squeezing her butt. She made an effort to shake him off but was unable to move, the orc laughed and smacked her ass with his free hand. The finger kept running up and down her lips, only stopping to rub her button now and again.

She would have thought they would brutally rape her, showing her no mercy. But she now understood the orc's wanted to make her want it, to increase her shame even more. She would not let them! SHE was in control of her body and she would not let them make her enjoy it! Her mind steeled itself and she was determined not to loosen up. But her body did not hear her, as her blood ran warmer at the orc's touch.

She looked up at the orc standing above her, holding her down, and she could see a cock bigger than any she had ever seen before. Amongst her people they showed no shame in their bodies and everyone walked around without covering their genitals. She had seen a great many cocks, but non as big or thick as the one hanging above her.

She was disgusted by the sight but something in her mind awoke seeing it, something she could not control, something that made her blood run warm and her hole wet. She focused all her strength at fighting the sensation, but she could not control this most basic instinct.

The orc behind her made a noise and she understood he noticed her excitement. Two fingers spread her lips apart and a third was running up and down, lubing her up with her own juice. She felt the excitement rise and she was dripping wet now.

A finger was put to her hole and pushed inside, as it penetrated her she moaned and screamed at the same time. Her mind hated it, her body wanted it.
The finger was pushed deeper, and then pulled out, and pushed in again, and again. She could feel her body trying to move to meet the finger penetrating her. Two fingers entered her, going just deep enough to be able to touch her g-spot, rubbing it. The rough skin rubbing her was to much, she was screaming out her pleasure now and was clawing at the dirt in her hands.

Just as she was about to climax both fingers where pulled out and she felt the orc positioning himself closer behind her. Warm hard skin was put against her lips, rubbing up and down their length for a few seconds before it was put at her entrance.

The head was pushed up against her and even if she was fully aroused and wet it could not fit her entrance. She could feel the orc repositioning again, even closer this time, almost on top of her. The head was pushed up against her again and this time the angle was just right. The head was pushed brutally against her and she felt her entrance expanding to meet the swollen cock.

The orc was determined and pushed harder and harder until finally with a splash it entered her. Even if she had seen the other orc’s big penis she had not imagined it feeling so big inside of her. She screamed with both pleasure and pain as it made it's way inside of her, almost instantly hitting her cervix and filling her up completely.

It was barely halfway in and the orc wanted to fit all of it. He began thrusting violently, pushing at her cervix for each thrust. She felt herself expanding more and more to make room for the big cock. The orc did not pause but rather increased the force and speed of his thrusts. She screamed for each thrust and moaned as he pulled it back out.

The other orc let go off her back and walked up in front of her. He got down on his kneed and grabbed her head in both hands. Her face was put right in front of his now fully erect penis.
He adjusted his hips to lower the penis to her mouth, she tried to keep her mouth shut but could not as her body forced her to scream for each thrust.

The orc pulled her head towards him and as she screamed her mouth was filled with the tip. The smell made her lust for it in her, while at the same time making her think of dirty unwashed orc.She felt the veins through the skin, pulsating against the inside of her mouth and her tongue.

The orc started thrusting against her head and her mouth was forced open to its limit. It filled her mouth completely and was showed down her throat. She had no choice but to breath through her nose while her mouth was violently penetrated.

After a few minutes of being pounded from two directions she felt a warm gush as both orc's begun emptying their sacks inside of her. It took them almost a minute before they stopped, then they both pulled out. Her body was in shock and ecstasy at the same time and she had to use all her strength to get up on all four. Her mind was focusing on the road in front of her, thinking of fleeing but her body was slow and did not obey her.

She started crawling, trying to get away, when she was lifted by two strong arms around her chest.
Without effort he lifted her into the air, holding her like a small doll. Her mind focused and she started regaining control over her limbs again. She started kicking and clawing at the arms holding her, but they where too strong.

Two hands grabbed her legs, holding them apart as she was lowered down. She felt her butt against a wet and hard cock. At first she sat on it, but then her buttocks where parted by the wet head and the dick hit her anus with a clash.

At first she thought the orc's missed and where about the fuck her hole again. The orc lifted her slightly again, only to once more put her anus down on his cock. He did so over and over again and after a few seconds of this the thought hit her and with it came panic.

The orc put her down on himself again and this time he seemed content as instead of lifting her up he pulled her down, hard. She tried to flex herself as to prevent it but the orc pulled harder and harder and she could not bear the pain. She was just about to break her back when she relaxed her muscle and instead of folding her double, the dick entered her.

She screamed at the top of her lungs as her tunnel was violated for the first time. The cock entered her with all its length and she felt it poking her guts, pushing it aside as it made its way inside of her.

The orc lifted her up and pulled her down again, using her as a tool on his cock. The other orc walked up in front of her, holding his cock in his hand and with a evil grin on his face. The orc holding her stopped with his cock buried as deep inside her as it could get. The second orc put his tip at her lips, parting them. She was lifted slightly and the orc stepped in closer to her, holding his cock straight up, still at her lips and entrance.

The orc behind her pulled her down, slowly but relentlessly as the cock in front of her was forced inside of her while the one in her butt was pushed back in, deeper. The orc kept lowering her down, lower and lower on the cocks.

She felt her body being stretched beyond what should be possible, the two cocks pushing all of her organs out of the way to go deeper. The orc stopped lowering her and instead loosened his hold on her, making her body weight pull her down on the two cocks. She was sitting on them, one filling her butt with it's whole length, the other one brutally letting her hang on her cervix. The pressure was unbearable and her body was shaking in pain.

The orc behind her tightened his grip and started moving her up and down again, faster and faster. Her body was lifted up and down, running the full length of the two massive cocks. Her body was overwhelmed by the ravishing and her mind shut down to let out the animal in her.

The cocks stretched her beyond her limit, almost tearing her in two while violently penetrating her, but she liked it, her mind replaced the pain with pleasure and she started coming, over and over. For each time she was pulled down she came, she wanted to scream but could only make partial moans for each time.

The orc’s kept at it for several minutes before they released their tight grip. She felt the cocks inflating just before the seed shot out deep inside of her. The force almost lifted her up as she sat on their flowing cocks. She was panting and moaning at the same time as they kept seeding her for well over a minute.

Once they had put every last bit of seed they had in their large sacks inside of her, they lifted her up. They pulled out their cocks, followed by a flood of seed and threw her on the ground.
Her body was exhausted and she could not move a muscle. In her exhausted mind she felt a small sense of relief that it was over and that she had survived.

She rolled over to her back, looking up at the sky when a large shadow walked over her. The troll grabbed her by the head, lifting her into the air. He let her hang just in front of him, watching her with his small peering eyes.

The pain of being lifted by the head gave her an adrenaline rush. She started kicking at the troll but missed and instead started swinging back and forth, increasing the pain on her neck.

The troll put a huge finger between her legs and lowered her down on it, making it enter her fully.
She half screamed, half moaned, still being turned on by the earlier onslaught. The troll lifted his finger and she hung completely on the finger buried inside of her.

He sniffed the air as she screamed and panted for air at the same time. He grabbed her by the chest, pulling her up from his finger. He bent her forward, sniffing her butt. The two orc's now sitting down watching laughed at her while she hung there, ass in the air, being sniffed by the huge troll.

The troll stopped sniffing and started lowering her down towards him. She had not seen it before but as she looked down between her legs she saw the monster that was the trolls cock. It was much bigger than the orc’s and it was pointing straight up.

She squeezed her legs together, but since she was on an angle they hung too far in front of her, making her half open hole exposed. The troll lowered her down on his cock and she felt the warm surface against her but and lips. She never thought it would fit but trolls are not know for their intelligence, however they are known to be extremely stubborn.

The troll pulled her down, the giant tip forcing her legs apart and pushing up against her hole.
She felt the smallest part of the tip moving inside of her, pushing her entrance apart. Having the orc's inside her had pushed her against her limit, this however was bigger, a lot bigger. The troll stubbornly pulled her down with a force she could not withstand.

Her entrance had to adapt, beyond limit or not, it was forced to take the giant head. As it entered her, her tunnel pushed everything else inside of her out of it's way. The trolls member pushed inside of her, filling her up to the point of exploding.

Luckily for her the troll was not as long as he was thick and he was content filling her all the way in, making her take in his full length. Her body could not handle the amount of pain and yet again replaced it with pleasure, making her scream and come, over and over again as the troll started pulling her up and down his length.

The troll kept at it for at least 40 minutes and she did not stop coming for even a second, her body was like a ragdoll, she just hung in his grip as he used her for a sex toy. At last she felt the penis inflate as the seed shot from the trolls balls. The initial force of it pushed her up from the cock, moving her several centimeters before she slid back down again.

The troll had balls bigger than coconuts and he kept coming for several minutes, building up pressure inside of her uterus as they filled beyond their brim with hot seed. The sensation made her even more wild and the thought of being seeded by a giant troll cock made her wild. She started screaming to continue, to fill her up, to fuck her hard.

The orc's sat laughing and pointing at her as she screamed and cursed at the troll to fuck her harder. The troll pulled out, releasing the pressure build up with buckets of seed flowing out of her. She kept screaming at the troll to take her, even as she felt her body completely finished, she could not stop screaming, as if she had been cursed by the trolls cock.

The troll looked curiously at the angry woman in his hands, turned her around and lifted her butt up, using his other hand to explore it. After minutes of cursing from her and exploring from him he seemed content and lowered her down against his still swollen member.

This time he used his other hand to spread her butt and put it down on the wet hard cock. She knew what was about to happen and it scared the mind out of her but she could hear herself screaming at the troll to fuck her up the ass.

The two orc's sad and watched her curiously as she was pushed down against the cock, forcing it to expand her already stressed anus further. She now screamed out of sheer pain as it forced her wider, until with a jerk it entered her fully. Her mind faltered and she fainted, only to wake up again a few seconds later.

The troll pulled her up and down his cock, now using both hands to hold her. He seemed more aggressive than before and was more violent in his movements, meeting her up with his hips with thrusts. She had to focus to be able to breath, timing each breath between the pushes.
Her body was completely limb, being jerked up and down the huge member forcing it's way in and out of her.

She saw herself from outside, as if not being in her own body. She saw the troll pull her up and down, violently raping her ass with the giant cock. Colors turned gray, the light faded and she passed out..


JCD said...

Man, I haven't read that much since I left college...


RawDarkness said...

LOL! I hope it wasn't a complete waste of your time then :P

ecostar said...

The Pics have a very good Quality! And.... Men.... that's a lot to read but its defenitely worth the Time! :)

Anonymous said...

My only problem is that their dicks are bigger than her limbs. It just doesn't seem physically possible without it turning into guro.

RawDarkness said...

@ Anon
Yeah i guess the troll got out of hand, so to speak.. :P

Anonymous said...

It's a long read but worth it. Personally I think an illustrated story is much better than just a story or a series of pictures.

iberios said...

its not long at all, cant wait for more, man!i do wish you go back to the "castle" orcs as your badguys and continue thier exploits!these guys were cool, but the troll is getting old.

great story and the chick character is awesome! great job, thanks!

Alicia Kinomoto said...

Intense. Excellent!