12 August 2011


Been spending most of the day experimenting with skintextures and production pipelines.
Just as i started getting decent results in Maxwell with skin i realise the production pipe is to unreliable, to many things that doesnt work needs to work.
Right now im looking in to using reality for Daz Studio instead, which has similair features.
Problem is just that i have to start all over again learning the material system etc.
Ah well, have a few days to spend so i guess its not that bad.
Anyways, will post a few of the test renders, not terribly exciting but at least it's not just a bunch of text :)


JCD said...

Hey, ADIDAS-sneakers!



iberios said...

looking forward to future amazon continuation still...please! :)

RawDarkness said...

Ofc! :)

@ iberios
Right now im testing things back and forth but it would seem im getting the hang of the new stuff so i will try to work on that ASAP :)

Anonymous said...

First chick looks like a B.A. Catholic School Girl. Should be seeing some awesome stuff from her ^.^