21 August 2011

The Experiment part 5

Her whole body rocked back and forth as her behind was assaulted and the pain was only surpassed from the animalistic pleasure she could not help but feel.
The seed once more started flowing and she could feel it filling her entire system, as there where no way it could escape back out.
A great warmth spread in her body as the liquid made its way inside of her.
She could not help it, her neverous system was overloaded by the thought of that huge limb having it's way with her, and the intense feeling in her whole body from the limb, pushing, ramming.
She came, her whole body, every cell in her came at once. All the pain disappeared and was replaced with pleasure, as she screamed. She could not move, nor think, nor breath, her entire being was coming.
As the orgasm passed the beast was pulling out now slack limb out of her and releasing his hold on her legs.
She tried crawling away but could not muster the strength.
She looked back to the beast but he was just standing there, peering at her.
It was hard to tell due to the inhuman face but she thought she could see a hint of fulfilled duty and satisfaction on his face.
She turned back her head and felt a great rush of blood going through her body.
She lost conciouness.


Anonymous said...

looks very interesting. I'm looking forward to it.

Alicia Kinomoto said...

Very intense and brutal, excellent work!

DigiBodhi said...

Hi Man,

Love your work, especially the written stories. I also love the graphics, but I think eveything starts with a good story. I would gladly pay to get more. Let me know if you ever start selling pdf books ...

RawDarkness said...

@ DigiBodhi
Now there's an idea, pdf books.
I only wish i had more time, i love writing but rarely have time even to plan my renders, the few times i do make a story it's usually just an hour or two of work.
I will add it to my todo/wish list :)
And thanks for your kind words :)