21 August 2011

Sidenote The Experiment

This was in no way a planned story, i made 2 images and when i was about to upload one i started typing a short story.
Continued on image 2 and then started making a few more images.
All the story elements are written directly into the new post field and i haven't even read through it once after typing it so spelling errors and bad grammar is bound to occur somewhere :P
Anyways, i might try to make a collected document out of all this to make it easier to follow, but im unsure on how to do it so i guess time will tell if i do it or not.
Also i may do a few closeup shots to add in (on JCD's request) but it's no promise, i MAY do it :P
Anyways, i hope you enjoy the short improvised story, i sure did writing it :)


JCD said...


Concerning the 'explicit' pics, I wasn't actually only referring to close-ups, but rather meant more detailed excerpts from the storyline.

So I leave it up to you & your creativity. Keep up the GOOD work, anyway.

Cheers, Jess

Tony said...

Just wanted to add that I really adore this series and its story! Awesome stuff. Only thing I noticed that seemed odd in the imagery was the almost transparent white panel - it seemed to be just randomly floating over a portion of the image -- even so all are still gorgeous.

Great work on this so far -- looking forward to more hehe.

RawDarkness said...

@ JCD oh ok, well if i do it i will do my best anyways :)

@ Tony
Yes the white thing was a light reflected in the glass screen, it looks sort of odd but removing it would screw the lighting.
Hope it's not to distracting :P

JCD said...

I have every confidence.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if I'll get a response but does anyone know what has happen to siegebeast, the blog is gone?


FreeArtRips said...

In case people are interested, there is a recent CG porn torrent, which should contain all the works of RawDarkness.

JCD said...

No idea concerning siegebeast's blog. We know that this has happened before, and without your hint I probaly would not have even noticed, since I didn't visit the site on a regular basis...


Anonymous said...


I check everybody's sites once a day, and siegebeast has been gone for about a week.


JCD said...

This is his profile, I Think:


Apparently not deleted, but no public access permitted...


RawDarkness said...

@ FreeArtRips Thanks for the heads up, also, nice collection, will download it :)
@ Aussie Seems to happen from time to time that blogs gets taken down.
I think most of us that doesn't make money of this have very limited time to put into it so unless he notices it might take a while to get it back.

whiteout said...

your work is awesome. :^)

Anonymous said...

Love your work. however, almost none of the images for the Experiment Series are working. Is there someplace we can link to to see them?

RawDarkness said...

Sorry for my late reply, but if they do exist they exist in the archive download. Sadly some pictures have been lost due to data corruption so the best archive available is the one on Mega https://mega.nz/#!J8cA2IbZ!nW0HIBZfmd2jRdc0e5JeGj14pDjB7pQGGWbbF6p9bQk