21 August 2011

The Experiment part 3

The throbbing limb pressed against her, thrust again and again, so desperatly trying to enter her.
She was getting hotter and wetter with each second and the tip parted her lips further and further for each thrust.
As the tip was parting her lips she felt the warmth come running and she was now dripping with juice and could not help letting out small sounds when the head hit her lips.
The beast growing more and impatient now pressed his limb up against her as hard as he could. She felt how it pressed against her opening harder and harder, and suddenly it let go, the giant cock slid in to her and she let out a scream of pain and suprise.
It filled her to the brim and still it was not even half way in her, she felt it expanding her, pushing against her walls.
The beast now continued his thrusting with renewed vigor and the recruit was pressed up towards the ceiling again and again for each thrust.
She felt the tip leaving her and then ramming her, parting her lips and forcing her legs further apart. Again and again she was rammed, feeling it go deeper for each time as she expanded around the giant limb.
The beast started ejaculating inside her, not stopping his thrusting.
She felt how she was filled with the warm liquid and yet he kept coming, it started puring down her thighs in big globs yet he kept coming.
She felt it filling her uterus, expanding it, while at the same time it was rammed further and further.
The pleasure was so intense she was moaning out loud, feeling her body trying to squeeze back at the giant limb that was forcefully entering her, time and time again.
The beast made one final thrust that pushed her body into the air, hanging on the stiff, wet, limb.
Even more cum was entering her, flowing out through her opening down on her thighs.
The beast let loosened his grasp and pulled out his limb, taking with it a stream of cum.
She thought he was done, she felt the relief under the pain and pleasure tearing through her body.
Just as she tried to get up, the beast took her by the legs, turned her around in one quick motion and moved her into position.
She hardly had time to land on her arms and as she looked back between her breasts she saw the limb stiffening again, moving up against her from behind.
She could feel the warm tip touch her lips, parting them gently as he moved into position.
Then suddenly, with a jerk of the hips, he entered her, pushing all the way in, wanting to go deeper.
The beast used her legs for pulling her closer to him, trying instinctivly to go deeper.