13 August 2011

A new beginning

Ok, got the new tools, learned to use em, the results for now (below).
Next phase, do some proper work! :)
Problem is just that rendering takes so long, the spartans pic was canceled after 9(!!!) hours and its not even half finished :S
Anyways, stay tuned for more!


JCD said...


Good to hear from you, again.

I cannot really say anything about the new tools, but to cut a lady of just above her pussy is kinda hard...


Hitman_X3Z said...

Man, if you let me speak, I will say that this choice is not the best, unbiased render will take tens of hours for one picture, otherwise there will be (and is) a lot of noise. If we compare with previous your works using Carrara, they were much better and better.

RawDarkness said...

@ Hitman
While i agree the time it can take is stupid, it all depends on how you set up the scene.
As i learn more how Lux render works i get a lot shorter render times.
If there was an alternative render that worked faster, gave really good results and did NOT require hours on lighting and setting material parameters then i would use that.
But so far the once i have tried need lots of material editing and lighting setup to get similar results.
The Character render, for example, took less then one hour to render due to optimized setup in render settings/materials.

iberios said...

good to se more stuff. odd tho, why are the girls screaming if nothing is inside them? and why are the spartans so fat???
btw, please continue with the amazons, great pic and the trio of raping orcs in castle, gotta see more of their adventures!!!

RawDarkness said...

@ Iberios
Good point, i don't know really, maybe it's still painfull?
I dunno, i just added it for drama, or something :P

Hitman_X3Z said...

V-Ray is fast, good and very flexible, ofc. for the first time it will be hard...but it's worth it!

For Example: i've done my last render of Syndori in 30 mins with only one light source, SSS skin with specular reflections, physical DoF, final render settings.

RawDarkness said...

I bet v-ray is great when you know it, but there are so many things to learn and there is no good way to get it to DS, sure C4D obj exports work but when wanting to repose something you need to start all over.
Also in unbiased renders materials make so much more sense (imo).
As there are no simulations there is no need to learn the render, just how reality works.
Lighting is so easy since its the same as any photographer would do it.
Not saying v-ray is bad by any means, but it requires a lot of time and effort to both learn and set up.
Sure, when i have the materials done it's great, but i don't :S