21 August 2011

The Experiment part 2

After daring to touch the beast the recruit advanced more and more and examined the body curiously.
One particular organ seemed to peak her interest especially, as she could not stop touching and poking the big slack penis being layed out in front of her.
As she got more daring in her exploration the big body suddenly twitched.
The recruit fell backwards out of fright and landed sitting on the floor with a shocked expression.
The body twitched again and the fingers slowly grasped the air.
As the beast was waking up, the recruit, still sitting on the floor, began to move backwards towards the locked security door.
In what seemed less then a second the beast rose from the bed. Aqua colored eyes peered around the room.
What looked like tentacles on the face where moving as if smelling and grasping the air.
At first the beast did not notice the now terrified recruit, but with a twitch the smell was caught and the three pairs of eyes focused on the recruit, now pressing her back against the door.
In what was barely visible to the eye the beast moved across the room.
A scream of terror was heard as the recruit tried to get away and ran off to the bed.
The beast followed with a hungry expression in his eyes.
The recruit tried to climb atop the bed but the beast would not permit it as he grabbed her by the waist and drew her down.
She tried to get away but his grasp was to strong.
As the beast kept grasping the air with his tentacles and eyeing her with his many eyes, his limb began to expose itself and rise, as it stiffened.
The recruit noticed this and renewed her attempts to get free.
She managed to get a hold of the bed ceiling and tried to drag herself out of his grip.
The beast draged her losed and then pressed her up against the bed ceiling while his limb, now fully erect, was moved to her tight opening.